Another resource must be the textbook:

The Power Point Slides (at least 15 slides that are visually appealing and engaging):
1. Title Slide – Title of the study, your name and credentials, and date. Using APA format, cite the complete reference for the article being presented in a smaller font (size 14 or 16) at the bottom of the title slide. Insert a text box, then add the reference.
2. Present the following using these headings; do not copy and paste from the research article –rather synthesize the information and interpret in your own words; be sure to include citations:
purpose of the study
sample size
description of the participants
instruments used
detail of the education intervention (the majority of the description of the study should focus on the education intervention)
research findings (outcomes)
references used in addition to the research study eg.) chapters from your text
3. Discuss
rationale for your selection of this research study,
provide your overall analysis of the study,
the usefulness of the education intervention, and potential for broader utilization
implications for nursing practice.
The study to be used for this presentation has been attached as a PDF.
Another resource must be the textbook:
Bastable, S. (2023). Nurse as educator: Principles of teaching and learning for nursing practice (6th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett. ISBN: 978-1284229271.
Online resources must not be older than five years.
Please use attached rubric as a guide.