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Assessment Task Referring to the issues identified in Assessment one (A1), prepa

Referring to the issues identified in
Assessment one (A1), prepare a marketing plan with clear analysis and strategy as to how your
organisation would be able to improve their market share and growth. It is
recommended that the following can be included:
Introduction – This could be a summary of the
issues identified in A1 to justify the objectives for the marketing plan that
you will be demonstrate in your report, What you want to achieve for the
company.  Therefore, you need to follow
the SMART criteria:
o   (Specific: Clear goals. Measurable:
profitability. Attainable: describe the result. Realistic: is it doable? Time:
By when?
Develop the marketing strategy: in this section you provide a
strategy to increase market     
share/growth of the company, you can use Ansoff marketing growth
strategy and be as creative as possible.
Discuss the marketing Mix: In this section you analyse the
company based on the 4Ps.
Discuss the customer driven strategy: In this section you need to analysis
the segmentation, targeting, positioning and differentiation separately.
Principles of Marketing by
Kotler and Amstrong
Strategic Marketing and Competitive
Advantage Third Edition. West et al (2020) Oxford University
Assignment brief and assignment A1 are attached. 

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