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Assignment Instructions:  Use critical thinking and apply the information you le

Assignment Instructions: 
Use critical thinking and apply the information you learned in Chapter 2. 
Select ONE question from the list below and answer it completely.  
Write a well-written paragraph to answer your selected question.  
Your instructor is looking for 3-4 key points in your responses that relate to this week’s readings.  
Reference your information using the APA citation format.  
Participation in weekly discussions is worth a significant part of your final grade and this forum presents you with an opportunity to develop a lifelong skill of written communication. Please review the grading rubric attached to this assignment so you know what is expected. Please see the course calendar for specific due dates. 
Select the question you would like to answer from the list provided below: 
Describe the five key principles of a healthy diet and the tools you can use to help guide you. 
Explain what the DRIs are and the differences between EAR, AI, RDA, UL, and AMDR.    
What are the 2020-2025 US Dietary Guidelines? Include the 4 overarching guidelines in your explanation. 
What is MyPlate? Include the concepts of nutrient and energy density.  
What is the food label and why is it important? What information does the FDA mandate on every packaged label?  
The FDA allows 4 types of claims on food products. What are they and what specific criteria do they need to meet?  
What are the characteristics of a reputable and valid nutrition website? 
Restaurants are now required to post nutritional information on their menus. Do you think this will solve our obesity epidemic?  
Does reading nutritional information overrides the compulsion to order something unhealthy? How do you decide what to order in a restaurant?  
Describe what the phrase, “You are what you eat” means. Do you notice how you feel after eating certain types of foods? How might this relate to your overall health? 

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