Bob has completed his work, but sue has been unable to start her work because of commitments to other projects.

Projects encounter conflicts. Further, anytime you are working with someone else, there is the possibility of conflicts occurring. When handled well, conflicts actually improve relationships and projects. This assignment provides you with practical experience examining through role-play a conflict situation and its resolutions.
consider the conflict scenario below. In a paper, describe the execution processes present in the project and how the processes would differ if a hybrid project approach were used. Then, apply each of the five conflict-handling modes (competing, accommodating, avoiding, collaborating, and compromising) and make your recommendation for the best approach to resolve the conflict. Expected length is 5 pages.
Scenario: Project KAPPA is an upgrade of your company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. The project was officially approved, budget allocated, project manager assigned, and project team constructed. The project manager has put several things in place, including managing quality per a quality management plan, developing team members’ hard and soft skills, tracking potential risks, and managing communications with stakeholders.
The project requirements include adding a software module that allows the CRM to be accessed from smartphones. Bob is responsible for implementing the software module. Sue is tasked with verifying the security and data integrity of the software module. Bob has completed his work, but Sue has been unable to start her work because of commitments to other projects. Bob has accused Sue of purposefully stalling the project and wants to continue without Sue’s tests and verification, relying on the security claims of the CRM vendor.
Bob and Sue agree to meet to discuss the issue. Bob and Sue have not worked together previously but will be working on future projects together.
Even though you are working as a team, you will each submit your own paper for this assignment. Structure your paper using the following section headings:
For each conflict approach, include the factors of relationship importance and task importance in your analysis. Be creative in your interpretation of the scenario and your analysis.
Include a minimum of two credible sources. The textbook may be one of the sources. Add a title page and a reference page.