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BTEC Level 5: Unit 45- As a control systems engineer in a company specializing in industrial solutions for diverse industrial systems: Industrial System(Electrical Engineering), Assignment, UK

Vocational scenario

As a control systems engineer in a company specializing in industrial solutions for diverse industrial systems, you play a crucial role in analysing and managing engineering projects. Your responsibilities include evaluating the performance and functionality of these systems, identifying areas for improvement, and documenting your findings comprehensively. This documentation is essential for providing detailed insights to customers, aiding in decisionmaking, and ensuring the successful implementation of solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Additionally, you collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate cutting-edge technologies, optimize system performance, and uphold industry standards and regulations. Your expertise contributes significantly to the company’s reputation for delivering innovative and reliable industrial solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.

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LO1 (Project 1)

Temperature controlling is required in nearly each and every field application such as household, industrial and other such applications. There is a requirement in your company to design a domestic hot water system. The company has selected a tank based hot water system to implement

1. Provide a diagram of tank based hot water system, including all of its main elements and describe all of those elements.
2. Provide a functional closed-loop block diagram identifying input, output,
transducers, controller, actuator, plant and etc. Further the customer is
requesting to mention input and output signals of all subsystems, in the
document you are providing. Using those information and other relevant
information, provide a review for the main concepts underlying the given
electronically controlled industrial system

3. In this project you have to maintain the temperature of a liquid at a prescribed temperature. The heat exchanger process is one of the methods that can use to maintain the temperature of a liquid at a prescribed temperature. In the given image, the temperature is measuring using a sensor and a transmitter, TT 22, which sends the measurements to a corresponding controller. TC 22 compares the actual temperature with a desired temperature at Set Point. (SP).

You have given the corresponding block diagram also for this system.

Transfer functions of above system, have been already derived by your supervisor and they have been shared with you.

You have been requested to analyse the characteristics of the electronically
controlled industrial system by applying suitable techniques. You may follow
the guidelines below.

After this comparison at the set point, identify the way of controlling the
temperature in the tank.
Assuming Gs(s) =K, find the value of the K, by considering 0.7 damping ratio.
 Design a PD controller. You may take the settling time as 20%.

With the results you obtained analyze the characteristics of the given electronically controlled industrial system as this analysis have been requested by your client. You may use additional calculations for this analysis if required.

4. Your company is expecting a performance evaluation of this system before the implementation. Critically examine the performance of the given system. You may use required techniques and the calculations. Make the recommendations to improve the system. Describe how you are going to improve the system using your recommendations.

LO2 ( Project 2) 

The project for controlling the level of corrosive liquid chemical. In this project you have to select some components by giving justifications for selecting them. corrosive liquid chemical is required to be maintained at a given constant level in a tank. The tank is the reservoir, which is feeding the liquid to the process by a pump. This control system is a first order system with proportional control.

This level controlling can be done using different types transducers and controllers. Therefore, there are different control approaches, namely;

 Mechanical control approach
 Electrical control approach
 Electronic control approach

1. You have been asked to select the proper transducer for this level controlling project. Predict the behaviour of the system to control the level of the liquid chemical by applying variety of transducers and analyse the advantages and disadvantages of them for different applications and choose the best suited solution. Here you may consider possible factors such as range, tank height, riser height and response time.

2. Justify the suitable transducers and controllers for the given system with
mentioning reasons.
3. Identify the interface requirements between electronic, electrical and mechanical controllers and transducers to control the level of the liquid

4. Critically investigate the behaviour of liquid level control system for each of
above control approaches comparison to each other in regard to

Take action to respond disturbance


Suppose that the temperature controlling system in the project 1, has improved further and you have obtained a system as below. Get the support of MATLAB LTI Viewer to design and test your model.

Accordingly perform following tasks to design and test as instructed by supervisor.

1. You have find out G1, G2, G3, H1, H2, and H3 are equal to the following
transfer functions. Obtain a single transfer function for the total system. Using
practical methods test this system. Apply computer based methods to verify
your results.

2. Explain the use of practical and analytical methods (including the methods you used above) in creating and testing a measurement system.
3. Using variety of methods, interpret the characteristics and behaviour of above system.
4. Select one of the ideal measurement systems you have been tested above and critically evaluate its performance with comparison of one real circuit which is using for the same purpose in real world.


1. For another project from different client, you have to work with another simple temperature controlling system. The transfer function for that system has derived by you and it is as follows. You are now going to check the stability of the system.

You have been instructed to find system stability based on following technical
analytical methods.

a. Apply Routh-Hurwitz criterion and the unity feedback system, check whether or not the closed-loop system is stable.

b. Find the location of the closed-loop dominant poles if the system is operating with 15% overshoot
c. Find the gain.
d. Find all other closed loop poles
e. Evaluate the accuracy of your second-order approximation

2. Using a variety of different analytical techniques, evaluate th characteristics of above given controlled industrial system

3. Select one of the existing industrial systems for temperature controlling and
analyse the system by using appropriate analytical techniques. Further provide
recommendations to improve the performance of the systems with justifications based on the findings of your analysis. You may give the relevant calculations if required for your justifications

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