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Capstone Written Assignment • Topic: Assigned by Elective Tutor; After reading 4

Capstone Written Assignment
• Topic: Assigned by Elective Tutor; After reading 4 academic sources introducing the topic,
students will develop a research question related to their own interests, and find at least 2
additional academic sources that address their research question.
• Graded by both Elective Tutor (content, argumentation 50%) and Academic Skills Tutor (writing
style, design 50%)
Objectives: Students will write an original research paper, extending the assigned topic.
• Make weekly progress on their final paper
• Find good quality, academic sources that addressthe research question
• Learn to summarize and analyse academic texts in their own words
• Use proper citation ofsources in APA format
• Develop a logical thesis statement that is supported by their research
• Demonstrate an academic style of writing, using proper grammar, tone and vocabulary
Criteria: Minimum 4500 words – maximum 5000 words (Introduction – Conclusion)
• Includes signed title page, statement of academic integrity
• Use of 6+ academic articles (4 provided by Elective instructor; minimum 2 found by student)
• Maximum 10% similarity detection on Plagiarism check (Any copied text is shown as
“quotations” with a source; able to paraphrase ideas in their own words/sentence structure)
Student Assessment Sheet: Capstone Paper (Block 2)
Content 30 credits Feedback on content (Elective tutor)
•Coverage of the literature
•Integration of different articles
•Interpretation of the literature
•Critical reflection of the literature
•Logic in addressing capstone statement
•Conclusions reflect on capstone
Argumentation: 20 credits Feedback on argumentation (Elective Tutor)
•Quality of arguments used
•Logic in argumentation
•Conclusions in line with arguments
(proper weighting of arguments)
•Paper is convincing
•Acknowledgement of limitation
Writing style: 30 credits Feedback on writing style (Academic Skills)
•Introduction invites to read
•Readability: coherence, paraphrasing
•Paragraph structure
•Academic tone: vocabulary, hedging
•Spelling and writing (grammar etc.)
Design: 20 credits
•Layout (including figures, tables etc) Feedback on design (Academic Skills)
•Structure in sections (chapters)
Word count: 4,500 min. – 5,000 words max.
•Reference citations in text
•References list complete APA format
•Plagiarism report
I need to use 4 assigned articles which are: 
Goverance, Ownership, and Corporate Entrepreneurship: The Moderating Impact of Industry
Technological Opportunities
Author(s): Shaker A. Zahra
Source: The Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 39, No. 6 (Dec., 1996), pp. 1713-1735
Published by: Academy of Management
Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/257076   
Strategizing throughout the Organization: Managing Role Conflict in Strategic Renewal
Author(s): Steven W. Floyd and Peter J. Lane
Source: The Academy of Management Review, Vol. 25, No. 1 (Jan., 2000), pp. 154-177
Published by: Academy of Management
Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/259268 .
Covin, Jeffrey & Miles, Morgan. (1999). Corporate Entrepreneurship and the Pursuit of Competitive Advantage. Corporate Entrepreneurship and Growth. 23. 47-63. 10.1177/104225879902300304.   
The relationship between corporate entrepreneurship and strategic management
Bruce R. Barringer, Allen C. Bluedorn
First published: 15 April 1999

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