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Case Study

Assignment 3 – Individual Assessment
Case StudyThe project undertaken by Cutting Edge Sensors Ltd. Involves providing packaged sensor components to
local University labs (Southeast University, Markham Brown University, and Piping Shrike University).
They must negotiate with the University Supply Officers for each University, who each have an interest in
making sure that the project is on-track.
Their materials supplier (Bosworth Minerals) has a dedicated sales rep, Bob Smith. Additionally, for some
reason the local newspaper is intending to run smear pieces about the way Cutting Edge disposes of their
waste, their media rep is Joanne Walters.
The Cutting Edge Sensors Ltd. project team consists of 7 team members, and several consultants. Four
Electrical Engineers, Joe Peters, Mellissa Watson, Jeffery Eclectus, and Robert Dawes. One Senior
Electrical Engineer, Andrew Coddington. One Research Specialist Dr. Rosaline S. Alagato. One Project
Manager, Nigel Crowe.
Consultants to the project include; Nick Frangello (Legal support), Peter Mathis (Accounting), and Gary
Jones (Public Relations).
Every week there is an online Teams meeting between the Engineers and Nigel. There is a daily in-person
meeting between the Engineers and Andrew. Every four months, there is a meeting between Nigel and
Peter to cover any accounting issues. Gary has requested that Nigel and Andrew email him any updates on
the project to the media. Every month, Nick is contacted by Nigel via Zoom, to discuss any relevant legal
issues. Rosaline provides updates via a weekly email to the team to discuss any research on a fortnightly
Cutting Edge Sensors Ltd. Wants to identify which quality control issues to deal with immediately, as they
have limited resources available to allocate. The issue they are having is that the production line is being
halted due to various manufacturing faults. The specific issues that are causing the halts are as follows.
Sensors not being adequately soldered to boards (96 halts per month), screws not being tightened to spec
(159 halts per month), incorrect thread tolerances (35 halts per month), tools not being replaced in time (130
halts per month).
1 Stakeholder Analysis
Write up a list of the stakeholders involved, use the Stakeholder Analysis Matrix from the
lecture slides as an example. Include any relevant information (including imaginary contact
details). Management would like this in a formal Blue coloured table.
2 Communications Management Plan (PM tool)
Write up a Communications Management Plan for this project communications. Use any
templates you find, or examples from lecture materials. Management requests this table be
coloured red to emphasise the importance.
3 Quality Management (Pareto Chart)
Use a Pareto Chart to plot this information, and identify which issues are best addressed to
cover at least 80% of the overall halting issues.

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