Change Implementation and Management Plan PPP 5-6 slides

Please read the WORD document with complete instructions. This document has all the information you need, so please read it thoroughly. I have also included the Rubric and PDF files of the articles in the reference list. I will be emailing a video file that is also relevant. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to reach out.


  • Change Implementation and Management Plan PPP 5-6 slides
  • What obstacles do you expect to encounter when presenting this policy priority? How do you plan to overcome these obstacles in your policy priority?
  • Examining the roles of the Accountable Care Organizations & Core Public Health Functions.”
  • Describe what information a patient should be provided before undergoing a risky procedure so that consent is “informed.” Who can authorize consent? Why is it important to obtain consent from a patient prior to proceeding with a risky procedure? Provide examples and cite sources.
  • Project Recommendations
  • Please review the case of Coats v Dish Network LLC, 350 P.3d 849 (2015) which involves the employee use of medicinal marijuana. Does California state have legalized use of marijuana? (
  • Write a research paper on the License to operate and energy transition.
  • Based off of the facts we know, should the attack be considered a crime, espionage or act of war? What should the US response be?
  • Write an analysis on the U.S. and China engage in one of the world’s largest trading relationships. Since the start of his administration, President Trump has pursued a policy to force China to change what he describes as unfair trade practices.