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Conduct a search for literature discussing information relevant to your chosen topic. This literature will serve as references to be used to inform your book chapter’s discussion of the topic. You will eventually cite the sources within your writing. For the purposes of this assessment a minimum of five of your sources must be high quality academic articles from reputable journal

Assignment 2: A Project Literature Review
• Word count: 2000 (Title : Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Businesses)
Learning Outcomes focused upon:
approaches to problem identification and decomposition.
• a selection of research methodologies that are appropriate to the program of study.
• the importance of referencing, awareness of a number of referencing systems, and how to apply an appropriate referencing standard.
• how to undertake scientific analysis and self-reflection.
• be able to search and obtain information from a wide variety of resources.
• the ability to abstract a problem.
• the ability to reflect upon their learning process during this course.
• logical, scientific approach to problem-solving.
• appropriate selection and referencing of existing works, as appropriate to the program of study.
• ability to plan, execute and manage academic assignments and projects.
Assessment Overview
Book Series: Technological Challenges 2023 and Beyond
Technological Challenges 2023 and Beyond is a proposed new book series, presenting professionals in the field with summaries of a variety of highly relevant topics. Each this year’s volume each chapter will focus on a different topic or on a case study that is relevant to the field. The chapter must provide the reader with a relevant, recent overview of pertinent challenges and opportunities. Each book chapter is to be written by a NUC student, using their domain expertise and their research and communication skills.
Your Task
To complete this assignment, you must first select an appropriate title from the list available in the Moodle Course Page. This will be the title of your book chapter. This list will be published when the assessment starts, see the Date Set above. Multiple authors may select the same book chapter title, but these will all be submitted via an anti-plagiarism engine. It would thus be easier for students to select a chapter title that does not overlap with those of their fellow students.
Once a title has been selected you need to complete the following steps:
1. Search for relevant information
2. Read and evaluate papers found
3. Create a Mind Map of the information you found
4. Use selected information to plan a high-level chapter outline (structure)
5. Write the chapter (including citations and references)
6. Submit the assessment via moodle. A word template is provided.
Please note that more information is provided on these sub-tasks in the subsequent pages. Please ensure that you carefully read all of the sections relevant to this assignment.
Submission Requirements
Task 1: Conduct a search for relevant information
Conduct a search for literature discussing information relevant to your chosen topic. This literature will serve as references to be used to inform your book chapter’s discussion of the topic. You will eventually cite the sources within your writing. For the purposes of this assessment a minimum of five of your sources must be high quality academic articles from reputable journals. These five sources must be used to complete the “Annotated Bibliography” section of the submission.
Note: You are supposed to have between 10 and 15 references in total. Refer to the lectures for guidance on how to find relevant information. Whilst you are conducting the literature search you must populate the tables in the answer template describing the searches which produced your top 5 search results. You only need to include the top 5 results in your tables. An example of one result is shown in Table 3. The information which should be provided is as follows:
• Search engine used
• Keywords/phrases used
– Hyperlink to search results
– Your reasons for including these results in your top 5 list
Note: Each of these searches must use different keywords and phrases. The ones returning the most useful results are the ones you should list as the best.
Search engine
used Keywords
phrase used Hyperlink to search results Why do you consider this one of your top 5 research results?
Google Scholar
Coronavirus vaccine

https://scholar.google. com/scholar?hl=en&as_ sdt=0%2C5&q=coronavirus+ vaccine&btnG=&oq= coronavirus+ This is excellent because….(A brief explanation of why this specific set of search results is good. What parameters did you have to tweak in your search to get a good result?)

Table 3: Example of Recording Search Results

Task 2: Read and evaluate
Write an annotated bibliography entry for each of the top 5 sources that you selected to inform your chapter. Great advice and examples for such entries can be found at the Purdue Online Writing Laboratory Purdue Online Writing Lab (n.d.) Annotated Bibliographies. Table 4 shows how the annotated bibliographies should be recorded. One table is required for each reference.
Reference Von Solms, R., & Van Niekerk, J. (2013). From information security to cyber security. Computers & Security, 38, 97–102. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cose.2013.04.004
Brief Summary Here you should write your own summary of the paper and add a brief paragraph on why it is relevant to what you are writing about. This should NOT be a copy / paste of the abstract or any other summary (remember the session on plagiarism). This should be 2 to 3 paragraphs. See examples at Purdue Online Writing Lab (n.d.) Annotated Bibliography Samples. Available online at: Purdue Online Writing Lab.
number of Citations 723
Journal Quality Scimagojr Q1 General Computer Science H Index – 86 SJR 2019 0.98
Authors Von Solms, R – H Index 45, Citations 8292 Van Niekerk, J – H Index 14, Citations 1516
Other Any other factors you considered can be added to this annotated bibliography
Table 4: Example Annotated Reference
Task 3: Topic overview – mind map
Use a Mind Map to gather and organize a high-level overview of your chosen topic view. This mind map should be used to organize your understanding of the topic and to enable you to complete task 4. Please use an online tool to create the mind map (final draft which you submit). Please do not submit a hand drawn version. Refer to the lectures for related guidance.
Task 4: Structure the Book Chapter
Section headings, single sentence supporting quotes and references. The headings you define here will form sub-headings within the Task 5 given heading structure. This is the “skeleton” or “high-level structure which should be included as a submission for task 4. Copy the structure and complete it for Task 5 as a separate answer. Refer to the lectures for related guidance
Task 5: Write a section of the Book Chapter
Your book chapter must be structured as follows:
• Title page • Introduction (introduce your chapter and the topic)
• Literature Review (background to your topic). The literature review must cite relevant sources.
• Future Developments / Discussion / Challenges / Opportunities (delete as appropriate for your topic)
• Conclusion (summary and “take home message” of your chapter)
• References (APA or Harvard Standard must be used for references and citations) Your book chapter should be within 1500 to 2000 words.
Task 6: Submission
A Microsoft Word template with all the relevant sections is available on the subject Moodle site. Please use this template for your chapter and strictly adhere to the style and formatting of the document. Once you are satisfied your chapter must be saved as a PDF and uploaded to moodle using the provided link.
Note: ONLY a single PDF may be uploaded. Do not compress or process the file in any other way. Your submission, which should be in the form of a single word-processed PDF document, should follow the supplied template and contain the following elements:
• Title Page
• Table of Contents
• Overview of Search Results
• Annotated Bibliography Entries
• Topic Overview Mind Map
• Chapter Plan and High-Level Structure
• Chapter Section • Reference
All references must be cited within your writing using the APA referencing standard. It is vital for each source listed in references to be cited in text and for each citation to be supported by a relevant entry in the list of references.
Note: Do not forget to update the contents tables to be accurate before submitting. You are strongly encouraged to proofread your work in advance if submission to remove grammatical, spelling, or technical errors. Beware of the limitations of using software alone when checking grammar and spelling!
Note if you are finding unwanted “blank pages” are appearing please check you have not moved a page break or section break.
Task 3, Task 4 and Task 5 should all start on a new page as specified in the template. Remove all other unnecessary blank pages. If you unsure of any aspects of the assessment, please ask your tutor for clarification
Note: Please Note: • By attempting the assignment, you acknowledge that you are submitting your own work and answered using your own words, references where appropriate should be used, and you have not used any AI content generation tools in this assignment (no 2). • In submitting this assignment, you agree that this work may be submitted for plagiarism testing.
REMEMBER THE TITLE OG MY BOOK CHABTER IS ; Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Businesses
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