Dealing with difficult person/people

Please spend some time working through this exercise as it should provide you with a chance to utilize the theory in a practical way that you will take with you into your practice as a leader/manager.NOTE: To complete this portion of Assignment 5 valued at 5% of your final grade, you need to complete Application Exercise #3 and then make a posting in the Unit 7 Conference. Please review the Assessment Overview document before you make your posting so that you are aware of how your posting will be evaluated. Your tutor will be reviewing your posting to see if you have summarized the key findings you discovered in doing the application exercise. Your posting will achieve the maximum value if it is succinct and insightful showing clearly how you have applied the theory learned in the course to a practical situation.Dealing With Difficult People and SituationsInevitably as you build teams and lead groups you will encounter “difficult” people and situations. This application exercise provides practical suggestions and practice at skills to help you in these encounters.First � Read the following:Cleary, M., Hunt, G.,

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