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Decision-Making Style


1st part.  Do a search on Google or Bing on “decision-making quiz” or “decision-making questionnaire” and find quiz that you find interesting that evaluates your own decision-making style. Don’t fill out the first quiz that you find, instead look around at a few quizzes first and find one that you think seems to fit most with the material covered in the module and seems to be useful. Then fill out this quiz that you find the most useful.

1st part is done I need the 2nd part

I need at least a 300-word comment for this discussion

2nd part. Share the link and the results of the quiz with your classmates. Were the results surprising to you? Explain whether or not you found the quiz useful and also what concepts from the background materials applied to the results of the quiz (cite the specific background reading that was relevant).

Charles posted 

In my search for a decision making quiz, I found one and provided the link at the bottom of my discussion.  It was a 49 page slideshow where all of the questions were provided yes or no answers and were asking about life situations in where a decision had to be made.  The questions were interesting, and required me to think for a short while on how I would truly deal with the situation. 

The situations were seemingly divided equally between major decisions, such as purchasing a home, and minor one, such as choosing to eat alone in a restaurant or get the food to go.  There were spiritual questions as well, so that injects a different perspective on the decision-making process, since many take into consideration what a higher power has planned for them.

The quiz took me less than 5 minutes to complete, and my result was “Data Driven”.  According to the short article above the slideshow, an individual with that style of decision making uses research in order to make any decision.  Additionally, that hard numbers and data resulting from the research they might conduct guides what decision will be made.

I find that this data driven style of decision making matches the type of work that I do, which I enjoy very much, because I am required to do excessive research on a daily basis to make professional recommendations to my leadership, and in turn make a decision on the way something should be handled at my level.  Another style on the spectrum of this test was “Gut Reaction”, and implied that those types of decision makers are willing to take risk, which I can assure that I do not match with this style. 


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