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Directions for paper Please use a Word document and submit your paper as a PDF,

Directions for paper
Please use a Word document and submit your paper as a PDF, or I will be unable to view it.
Once an interesting TED Talk has been selected, students are to view it and write a 6-paragraph reaction paper about the presentation. Remember that a paragraph should be at least 5-7 sentences in length.  The paper must be in MLA format.  If it is not, the paper will not be graded.  If you need assistance with MLA formatting,  please click on the “Writing Help” or TLCC Tutoring Online” links located on the Canvas navigation bar.  There is also a helpful MLA video included in the discussion guidelines.  Please use all of these resources and the rubric below to ensure you are meeting all requirements. 
Include in your paper:
(1) an introduction paragraph
(2) a paragraph that is a summary of the material presented
(3) a paragraph detailing how this material is related to this course
(4) a paragraph that describes how this information could be used by a therapist/ psychologist treating clients
(5) a paragraph that explains your personal reaction to the presentation
(6) a conclusion paragraph.  
This paper is to be double-spaced, in 11-point Arial font. Students are required to download grammarly.com in order to perform a spelling and grammar check.  Additionally, students should thoroughly proofread their papers before submission. The paper is to be written in MLA format.  Students are required to cite their sources and include in-text citations.  A works cited page is required. In order to earn maximum credit, your paper should include all of these properties. The paper is due by 11:59 p.m. on the assigned date.  All papers will be submitted by the instructor to Turnitin, a software plagiarism program, so please make sure to use your own words when writing the paper.
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