Does the US Army Futures Command enable the Army to defeat its peer, advanced, a

Does the US Army Futures Command enable the Army to defeat its peer, advanced, and persistent challenges?
a. View the following two videos for background and context:
1) “TRADOC G2 Threats To 2030” Ian Kersey, APAN Community, 21 October 2020 (5 minutes). Available: (accessed 27 October 2021).
2) “Check out the US Army Future Command’s Future Operational Environment (FOE) Video!” Ian Kersey, APAN Community, 14 October 2020 (6 minutes). Available: (accessed 27 October 2021).
b. Write an argumentative essay IAW ST 22-2 that takes a clear position answering the question in paragraph 1. Support the position with a persuasive argument. Apply sound reasoning and support the points with properly cited facts. Use the articles as reference, provided separately: “A New Generation of Unrestricted Warfare,” “Army Futures Command reflects on three years of modernization leadership,” and “Getting Gerasimov Right.” This assessment requires you to apply critical thinking skills and effective writing skills. Key elements will include an introductory paragraph, a main body, and a conclusion. The essay must include both citations and a bibliography. See ST 22-2 and use the Army writing style. If you find the three articles are not sufficient to support your argument for the C170A essay, you are permitted to use additional reliable sources for reference IAW ST 22-2, Appendix A.
c. It is helpful to review the C121 Critical Thinking, C171 Effective Writing, and C172 Writing Workshops lessons. To further assist in writing the essay, the C170 Argumentative Essay Development Student Guide is provided (separate file). While the Student Guide is not mandatory, it can provide help in writing the thesis statement, introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The Argument Analysis Checklist (AAC), covered in the C172 lesson, is another helpful tool when editing your written argument. The Student Guide and AAC are not required, but they are provided for your assistance if desired.
d. Upload the essay and a completed CGSC Form 1009W onto the Blackboard.
e. Double-space the essay with one-inch margins all around (top, bottom, left, and right) in Arial font, size 12-pitch. Indent new paragraphs five spaces. The essay should be three-to-five typed pages, approximately 750 – 1,250 words. The pages used for the cover page, end notes, and bibliography do not count as pages against the page limit of the essay. Do not exceed five pages for the essay itself. Footnotes at the bottom of the page do add to the pages of the essay, so use end notes instead of footnotes if needed to avoid exceeding the five-page limit.

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