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DSM500: Final Project Report, Coursework 2, UOL, Singapore

1 Coursework

Description This submission is your final project report, and is a significant part of the work for this module. In it you will demonstrate what you have done for your project, including your aims and research questions, project methodology, results, conclusions and thoughts about further work. This is a research report, and not a report of your project process. For example, your results are important; your project plan is not. Please make sure that the report is written in a way that it reports work that has been done, much like — though not quite the same as — a paper in a journal or conference. This is the end of your project process and the writing should reflect this, even though there may be ideas about new work that could come out of what you have done.

2 What is required

There are three compulsory components for this submission: your written report, your video, and your work addressing the ethics aspect of the project. You may also include supporting material if you feel it is appropriate, and this will depend on the details of the project itself. However, submissions that do not include the mandatory aspects — a written report, the ethics components described below, and a video — will not obtain a passing grade.

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