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Final Exam Analytical Paper Instructions DUE: THURSDAY, MAY 16, END OF DAY For y

Final Exam Analytical Paper Instructions
For your final exam, please write an interpretive essay based on documents from your book, Modern Empires: A Reader and Online Documents. The possible essay questions are below.
Follow these instructions:
Your introductory paragraph must include a clear thesis = your basic answers to the essay questions. A thesis states an argument that will be explained and defended in the body of your paper. You can read an explanation of thesis statements at http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/thesis-statementsLinks to an external site.. Your introduction should also describe the topic of your paper and the regions of the world your sources come from. 
Include ONE brief quote from EACH primary source document that supports your thesis. Quote should be no longer than one sentence. Explain each quote in your own words. DO NOT quote from the editor’s introduction to the primary source. (In the book, this is the section in italics after the title)
When first discussing a document, state the document title (NOT number) and author (if given). At the end of each quote, include the page number the quote is from like so: (p. 24). No bibliography is needed.
Historical context. When discussing each primary source, you should briefly provide relevant historical background using information given in lectures, class videos and in the introduction to that primary source.
Minimum: 2 complete pages of writing (measured from the start of your first paragraph to end of your last paragraph) 
Maximum: approximately 3 pages of writing (3.5 pages is okay)
12 Times Roman Font
1” margins (all around)
Only give your name and question number answered at the top corner

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