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Form and retention requirement per cms

ScenarioIn response to a quality initiative at LiveWell, the
Health Information Management (HIM) department is revamping the
training process in 3 areas: patient identification in registration,
record analysis, and research using secondary databases. As the HIM
supervisor, you will be developing training materials in response to
this quality improvement initiative. In order to do this, you will focus
on problematic concepts in each area to improve the overall quality of
work performance in the Revenue Cycle.
As part of the training development, you will review resources to develop training materials and training examples.
InstructionsFollow the steps below to prepare training materials, including two training guides and a handout.
1 – Recommend best practices for minimizing registration errors in a
training guide used for instructing employees. Include the following
topics: (explain and give example for each bullet point)
Naming convention best practices
Free text input
Primary and secondary data recommendations
Standard data definitions for patient registration
2 – In a second training guide, recommend the required data elements
for electronic record documentation that will ensure improved record
analysis. Include the following topics: (explain and give example for each bullet point)
Purpose of record analysis
Form and retention requirement per CMS
Required elements for discharge summary and operative note per Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS)
Two samples of analysis on the required elements for each above-named report type
Part 3 – Determine
the purpose of secondary data and prepare a HANDOUT with examples to be
used with the training guide for instructing the staff. Be sure to include:
A sampling of secondary data (Sample will be on the evaluation of sales tax on cigarettes) (can use any data you want)
Tables, charts, and conclusions that demonstrate the application of data for decision making related to organizational goals
Create all three documents in Word. All documents should be free of spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.