General Instructions You should work on this essay individually. The essay shoul

General Instructions
You should work on this essay individually. The essay should be typed and double spaced. Essays should be between 2 to 5 pages long, not including the references. You should provide in-text citations indicating the materials you are drawing from and include a list of references at the end of the document. Please use APA style for your citations.
Please keep in mind that you should base your essay in the course contents and demonstrate that you are able to apply what you learned in this class. You are not required to add any other material than the class readings, but you are welcome to do so if you find a study that relates to the topic covered and you properly reference it.
You can choose one of these two topics. Keep in mind that if you choose topic 1 you will need to be able to access the shows through a Netflix subscription. Also, be aware that the series contain graphic images of IPV and other content that might be disturbing or triggering. You do not need a subscription to work on topic 2. Please indicate which topic you are choosing in the beginning of your assignment.
Essay Topic 1
Watch at least the first two episodes of the miniseries Maid available on Netflix. Based on what you learned in this course, discuss how these episodes portray the complexities of IPV and the difficulties that victims face when trying to escape abusive situations as well as the services they can access as well as the challenges they may face when accessing them. For example, you can discuss the problems involved in defining abuse and the legal and service implications that emerge from it, the services available to victims and problems accessing them, the services provided by shelters, the economic abuse suffered by victims and how this makes it difficult for them to escape the situation, alternative services that could have helped her etc. Keep in mind that you do not need to discuss all these topics and you can choose others besides them.
Essay Topic 2
Based on Module 2, describe the role of victims in the different stages of the criminal justice processing: contact with law enforcement and investigation, the court process, and the post-sentence stage. When doing so, you need to 1) provide an overview of the stages and the overall role of victims in each of them; 2) describe in some detail some of the specific ways in which victims can be involved in the criminal justice system or specific services they are provided in at least two stages (e.g., victim impact statements, case notification status, witnessing executions); 3) discuss at least two challenges faced by victims when navigating the criminal justice system (e.g., conflict between the goals of law enforcement in an investigation and victims’ needs, conflict between the rights of the perpetrators and those of victims, overlap between victims and offenders in the criminal justice system, etc.). Based on your description, discuss what do you think can be done to deal with any of these challenges or improve the ways victims are treated in the criminal justice system (this does not have to be a very elaborate discussion, we just want to know your thoughts and reflections!).

The post General Instructions
You should work on this essay individually. The essay shoul
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The post General Instructions
You should work on this essay individually. The essay shoul
appeared first on Elite Writers.


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