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Goal A resume is very important. Everyone should have a resume and you should al


A resume is very important. Everyone should have a resume and you should always be updating your resume. You will be creating and uploading your resume this week.


Step One

First, review the resume website and video presentation on our Career website:

Cuyamaca Resume Assistance WebsiteLinks to an external site.

Here are some additional websites and reading materials to help you

  • Resume Genius Guide with Templates and SamplesLinks to an external site.
  • Excellent Resume and Cover Letter TipsLinks to an external site.
  • JobStar Links to an external site.(Resume and Cover Letter Samples and more.)
  • Job Hunters BibleLinks to an external site. (Lots of research and help on resumes and cover letters.)

Here are resume templates that you can use to start your resume

These templates below are only examples and you can use them to help guide you and re-type yours onto the “Word” documents. Your resume is your own resume and should reflect what you need and want as headings, experience, etc.

  • Resume Template in WordActions
  • Combination-Resume-Template in WordActions
  • Resume-Template in Word -2Actions

Step Two

After reviewing the resume workshop video, websites and templates, you are now ready to create your resume. I suggest you make an appointment with our job developer to help you with this assignment and to get a second set of eyes on this assignment.

Resume AppointmentsLinks to an external site.

Make sure you PDF your final resume before uploading it it here to Canvas. For 10 points extra credit, you can also create and upload a Cover Letter.


Please upload a Word or PDF file/document to this assignment. You can upload multiple documents so you will not make a mistake in uploading.

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