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Hello, hope all is well. This is for my honors project so please take care of th

Hello, hope all is well. This is for my honors project so please take care of the paper. I have a good grade but to graduate with honors it needs to be a little higher. My professors are giving me one more chance to get a higher grade. Please do not use fancy words. I will provide the paper that I submitted with the corrections that my professor want me to fix. I have also have an lit reivew that sounds more like an annotated bib so it needs to be more of a review of literature. that flows with 3 trends that is shown in the lit review document. the final final paper has a lit review as well but somethings just dont make sense. Second, you would need to write a more robust review of literature by extending what you have and adding a few additional sources (the lit review should reference at least 10-15 scholarly sources). Third, you should attempt to include some of the interview content (perhaps a few statements/responses from the doctors) in the results section (you can follow the model paper I previously sent to you as a guide). Finally, you need to present a neat and polished paper—please be sure to remove editing comments and indent for new paragraphs (some paragraphs are formatted as left justified while others are not). i hope this makes sense.  I have also gave you the example that my professor wants us to following the format of the paper. the document is called women in law enforcement. Also please delete all of the comments my teacher left when you are done fixing them. 

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