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Hello! I am looking for someone who is well education with the concepts, equati


I am looking for someone who is well education with the concepts, equations, and math skills it takes to achieve a physics report covering the topics covered. The report must be following the format and instructions that are provided no less than 3 pages. You will need to collect the appropriate data for the topic, . The topic of discussion/prompt is “Acceleration of a car engine, how does it work and what is the physics behind it? What kind of energies take place and how does it function?”. You will need to build a report, collect data, etc. On this topic. It must be ensured that the correct equations are to be used. Some equations you many need include kinematics equations, Newton’s second law: F= Ma, Work equation: W= FD, Average velocity, acceleration, instantaneous velocity, acceleration, average velocity, acceleration, and whatever may be needed. You will need to follow the format precisely, and answer the prompt as well as collect the appropriate data that it has asked for. Do not go overboard with the vocabulary but make sure it is professional. I will provide whatever help needed as well as topics covered.


  1. Title Page (Optional)
  2. Abstract (Optional)
  3. Introduction
  4. Methods / Current Theory
  5. Data Collection / Theory Improvement
  6. Data Analysis and Error Analysis
  7. Conclusion
  8. Works Cited (if required) (list chronologically as it appears in the paper)
  9. Appendix (Optional)
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