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HRM-635 Topic 3 DQ 1 • Online Nursing Essays

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Topic 3 DQ 1 

Organizations may have developed a detailed interview process with standard questions for each position, pre-employment assessments, and other selection tools. Specify one standard interview question an organization would ask a candidate for a particular position. You can use the new role identified in the Topic 2 assignment or another position. Discuss why you developed this question and the response you would expect a potential candidate to provide. 

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: HRM-635 Topic 3 DQ 1

Title: HRM-635 Topic 3 DQ 1

The healthcare sector in the United States has faced a persistent nurse shortage. Therefore, recruitment and selection are critical in identifying the appropriate candidates for various nursing positions. This discussion examines a standard interview question, its role and the expected response from a candidate. 

            Healthcare organizations in the United States are constantly experiencing a continued shortage of nurses. This shortage is expected to grow in the next decade (Yeager & Wisniewski, 2017). As a result, recruitment and selection are critical as it helps find the appropriate candidate for a specific job, impacting the performance of an organization and, ultimately, its success (Hamza et al., 2021). Organizations use standard interview questions to minimize bias and emphasize issues that directly affect performance. An example of a standard interview question for a staff nurse job candidate would be, “How do you deal with a crisis?” 

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            The standard interview question was developed due to its effectiveness in collecting information concerning the personality and character of the candidate. Collecting vital details on a one-on-one basis concerning the candidate being interviewed for the staff nurse position is important. The interview question is important in nursing practice due to the nature and essence of the information collected (Slade & Sergent, 2023). The expended response to the question would concern how the client would behave in a crisis. For instance, they can explain how they recognized the crisis, making decisions with minimal information and communicating effectively with other healthcare practitioners (Kim, 2021). This information will help determine if the candidate can handle crises as a staff nurse. 

            Conclusively, the United States must address the perennial nurse shortage issue. Recruitment and selection is necessary for the human resource to identify the appropriate candidates for specific positions. Standard interview questions help determine specific information about a candidate without being biased. 



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What is included in cognitive testing and why? 


Hi Dr. McGlory McGlory. Thanks for sharing. According to Dessler (2019), cognitive tests highly predict performance. Cognitive tests include general reasoning ability (intelligence) and mental abilities such as memory and inductive reasoning (Dessler, 2019). Intelligence Tests (IQ) test intellectual abilities. They measure various abilities, for instance, “memory, vocabulary, verbal fluency, and numerical ability” (Dessler, 2019, p. 179). The Adult IQ score mirrors the degree to which the individual exceeds or falls below the “average” adult’s intelligence score (Dessler, 2019, p. 179). The employer can administer the IQ test individually or in groups. In addition, Dessler (2019) discussed that cognitive tests also measure mental abilities, also known as aptitude tests, like “deductive reasoning, verbal comprehension, memory, and numerical ability” (p. 179). 


Dessler, G. (2019). Human resource management (16th ed.). Pearson Education. 

I work in insurance, auto insurance specifically which means we are interacting with customers on a daily basis to restore their lives to pre-accident condition. The hiring and interviewing process is fairly straightforward as hiring managers use the STAR method when conducting interviews. All questions are behavior in nature to determine how you would or have responded in a given situation. For my selected position of a Liability Claims Adjuster, I would use structured questions, which are a lists of questions ahead of time. (Dessler, 2020) Given the position requires heavy customer interaction, I would want to know how a candidate responds in difficult or tough situations. One of my interview questions would be, “Tell me about a time when you failed to meet a customer’s expectation and how did you handle it”?  The response I would I expect from a potential candidate would be something along the lines of, ” I was working with a customer that needed her order by a certain date but when the date came her shipment was delayed from our warehouse so out of customer service we refunded the payment for her order and once it was available we shipped the order free of charge. While the customer was disappointed, the customer was happy to receive a refund and also receive the order. Behavioral questions can cause even a seasoned employee to stumble but letting the organization know how you handled a situation, that could have turned into irate customer, will give the interviewer an idea of your temperament.  

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