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HRM-635 Topic 3 DQ 2 • Online Nursing Essays

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Topic 3 DQ 2 

It is important to ensure that a candidate fits into the culture of the organization. What pre-employment selection methods can be used to find the best candidate that fits the culture of the organization? What message is sent to candidates about the interview process and selection methods of an organization? Clarify how HR can ensure any pre-employment assessments used are not inherently biased. 

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: HRM-635 Topic 3 DQ 2

Title: HRM-635 Topic 3 DQ 2


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A selection test that will help determine the fit of a potential employee is a personality test. Using the knowledge from the personality test the hiring team can look at the people they already have in the office space and decide if they think the personalities will co-exist or create issues. A quote from the textbook by Dessler (2019) states, “most people are hired based on qualifications, but are fired because of attitude, motivation and temperament” (p. 180). A company can potentially decrease the number of people they need to fire based on their attitude if they use the personality test to hire people that will fit in well. During the selection process it is important to be clear and transparent with each applicant about how much weight the interview and personality test carry so that the applicant is not blindsided by the results of either when it potentially alters their chances for the open position. HR can ensure they have no bias by conducting more then one type of test for the applicants so that no has a distinct advantage. Another thing that can be done is that HR is willing to work around schedules that may have a conflict during the interview process like mothers taking care of sick children or parents that need to interview at a different time because of the hours their child is a day care. 


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A computer-based job interview is defined by dessler (2019) as, “a job candidate’s oral and/or keyed replies are obtained in response to computerized oral, visual, or written questions and/or situations” (p. 211). The pros to this type of interview are that multiple interviews can be done at one time, it can eliminate an aspect of human bias and it is easy to review the answers given by the candidates. The cons of this interview process is that there is not a lot of pressure answering the situational questions so the candidate can provide an answer that may not be there true response. Another con is that there is very minimal interaction between humans so it may be hard to use any type of emotional intelligence during the process which can keep a good employee from being hired or a bad employee from being passed on. 



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Hi Jackson,  

Your post was a very insightful read. I am pretty sure every corporate job that I have applied for, I had to take a personality test. Early on in my career those particular test used to stump me and I am pretty sure that even though they asked the same question twice, I used to provide a different answer each time. Jobs that require a high level of critical thinking, customer interaction are typically the ones where the personality tests are given. Organizations need to have the right kind of people with the right attitude that can handle at least a certain level of stressful situations.   

Pre-employment tests are defined as an objective, standardized way of gathering data on candidates during the hiring process. These tests can be developed from within the organization, they can be administered by a consulting company, or they can be purchased from an organization that specializes in developing such tests for various types of positions. (Harris, 2020) When a candidate submits their application to work as a member of our field staff, our company frequently uses a personality test, such as strengthsfinder, to assist us in determining whether or not that individual will be a good fit for the position that is open. This allows us, as an organization, to determine how a potential employee will utilize their strengths and to identify any areas in which they may require assistance as we work to develop their leadership and their training.  HR in this case does not usually have a role in the local area hires, however at a divisional or national role, they are very involved in the pre screening. This includes a zoom call with the HR scout that will determine if the candidate will go to the next round of interviews.  



Harris, R. (2020). pre-employment skills testing. Supervision, 81(4), 3–5. 

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