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HRM-635 Topic 8 DQ 1

Sample Answer for HRM-635 Topic 8 DQ 1 Included After Question

Describe how the Christian worldview impacts the job role and duties of an HR representative. What legal and ethical responsibilities does a Christian employee have in ensuring all employee views and beliefs are being considered? Provide an example that highlights influencing factors that shape ethical behaviors and fair treatment of employees in the workplace. 

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: HRM-635 Topic 8 DQ 1

Title: HRM-635 Topic 8 DQ 1

Christianity can interfere with employees fulfilling their duties, just as with any other religion. If that individual and their religious beliefs are forced to do something unethical, this could interfere with their religious freedom. The worker may be denied the ability to work weekends if he or she identifies as Seventh-Day Adventist or Jehovah’s Witness. Both of these doctrines consider the weekends holy days. Dress code policies at work would also pose a problem. The wearing of pants at work is optional for Christian women who identify as Pentecostal. Employment discrimination against employees like these is prohibited by federal laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In addition to performing the tasks for which they were hired, employees should also be protected from some procedures that should keep them safe and make sure they are treated fairly. While practicing integrity, excellence, trustworthiness, reliability, and treating others with respect, Christians can still honor Christ in the workplace (Klett, 2018). 

HR representatives are responsible for making sure employees understand the job requirements and expectations prior to their hiring. A person’s beliefs cannot prevent HR from hiring them. However, companies are also forbidden from asking about any religious accommodations applicants may require, such as time off. What can be done? Just make sure applicants understand the schedule and expectations (“Religion at work: What HR needs to watch for now”, 2019). It is easier for employees to determine whether a job is right for them if they are informed of the requirements and expectations prior to the hiring process. 

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Accusations of sexual harassment at the workplace can be avoided simply by acting in the most ethical, respectable manner as possible. If a person can refrain from making unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature either explicitly or implicitly he or she can avoid being accused of sexual harassment (Dessler, 2021). The three main ways to prove sexual harassment include quid pro quo, hostile environment created by supervisors, and hostile environment created by coworkers or those who are not employees. It is extremely important to note, as a manager/leader of an organization, one must not only conduct himself/herself in the most ethical/professional manner as possible, but one must not condone any activities that can be construed as sexual harassment. If a leader is a witness to sexual harassment or it is brought to his or her attention and the leader fails to properly address the alleged sexual harassment, this could be viewed as condoning the event and can place the employer and supervisor in an extremely uncomfortable situation with some serious legal consequences. Many sexual harassment cases go unreported either because of fear of retaliation either against the victim or others, there is also the “Bystander Effect” which says “we are less likely to help a victim when others are also present, this occurs for two reasons: diffusion of responsibility (if others are present, someone feels that other observers are responsible for intervening) and social influence (bystanders observe others behavior to determine the correct behavior.) This can give the appearance that the behavior is condoned by observers (Johnson, Kirk, et. al 2021). Sexual harassment is something that occurs more often than one would realize and can happen to anyone. In fact, I handled a workers compensation case several years ago for a male-on-male sexual assault that resulted in a $13 million lawsuit alleging rape, hostile work environment against the organization because a manager did not diffuse a situation, failed to address the allegations and as a result gave the impression to the aggressor that the acts were condoned. 


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