These clips showcase humorous scenes from movies that in many ways are mock-epics, a specific type of satire that evolved from works like Candide and Gulliver’s Travels. In these mock epics, the characters take their goals very seriously and see themselves as heroes. However, the audience sees a different story, one that is often absurd yet grounded in reality.
After watching the three clips above and reading the first two cantos of Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock, do the following:
1. Identify what each clip or character in each clip is taking so seriously about life. Then explain the absurdity of their actions to you and other viewers. What might the director/writers of these films be trying to say about the serious aspect you identify?
2. Do the same thing for the first two cantos of The Rape of the Lock. Try to identify the serious aspects of the work as well as explain the absurd moments. Then explain what you think the author is trying to communicate about the real world to his audience.
Explain your position clearly in a 200-word paragraph.
If you cite from a text, film, or other source, make sure such evidence is accurately and correctly cited according to MLA 8 standards.

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