I started writing my policy letter about the U.S national debt . I want an exper

I started writing my policy letter about the U.S national debt . I want an expert to continue with more informations and sources. More digging into the subject. Please see below for the instructions that needs to be followed. PLEASE.
What needs to be in the letter
Remember that you are trying to persuade the official to support your position by the strength of
your arguments.
– (1) Begin with an introduction in which you state in the first two sentences what
specifically you want the official to do. In the rest of the first paragraph, preview the
argument that makes up the body of your letter (150-200 words)
– (2) In most of the body of the letter, give your argument for why the official should act as
you suggest. This should also have several parts:
– a) sketch the public problem, as you see it (150-200 words);
– b) describe the inadequacy of the actions taken on it to date (150-200 words);
– c) then argue for a course of action (e.g., passing a law or amendment to a law, or
adopting or changing a regulation), including an explanation of the consequences
you expect the law to have, giving many facts (with citations). While you may
include personal experiences as part of the argument, it must be based primarily on
your research. Spend at least 1.5 pages (450 words) on this part of the letter
– (3) Present some of the main counter-arguments or objections to your position. Every
issue has at least two sides. Some people will disagree with you for moral, practical, or
political reasons. If there are numerous counter-arguments, pick several of the most
compelling ones and explain them carefully. Note that there is a danger of reducing the
opposing side to a caricature. To avoid this, it is essential to choose strong not weak
counter-arguments, be careful how you paraphrase them and cite sources for them.
– (4) Give your answer (called a rebuttal) to the counter-arguments. Show the official why
the objections to your position are not convincing. Spend at least one page (around 300-
400 words) on # 3 and # 4, presenting and rebutting the counter-arguments.
– (5) Finish with a brief conclusion, no more than one paragraph.
– Overall, be sure your letter is well organized, using topic sentences to link specific
evidence (mostly factual) to your main claim at the start of the letter.

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