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In Module 7, you proposed an argument about an aviation-themed film. You also ex

In Module 7, you proposed an argument about an aviation-themed film. You also explored how you will prove your thesis and you named a film that we have studied that you will compare your film to. Now you need to flesh out this proposal in a final essay that will have enough evidence to convince your reader of your thesis statement. You will also review the readings from Modules 1-8 and find at least two quotes that will support your essay.
Be sure to review the following guidelines before submitting the final essay. If your instructor provided feedback on your proposal, ensure that those remarks have been addressed.
Essay Guidelines
The Final Essay should be four pages (approximately 1,200-1,300 words). It should be double-spaced and use Times New Roman 12 font. All first lines of paragraphs should be indented five spaces. The essay should have a title that reflects the topic (not “Final Essay”). Each Paragraph should be about 6-8 sentences long.
Your first, introductory, paragraph will introduce the film with pertinent information about it: title, director, year, country, genre (s), time period of action, and a few introductory remarks. Film titles are always italicized (no quotation marks). The last sentence of this paragraph will be your thesis statement. The following paragraphs should consist of film analysis. You should organize your paragraphs so that there is a logical order in how evidence is presented. Suggestions for how to proceed are: write about primary and secondary characters or scenes, aircraft and technical features of the film, or a specific theme in the film. You may use dialogue from the film as evidence; you don’t need a reference in parentheses for this. You should also use your readings. Sometimes the general readings in Module 1 can be particularly helpful. The last part of the essay should be a comparison to a film we studied this term. Finish with a strong conclusion paragraph.
Note: Do not discuss the actors in the films and whether or not they do a good job.
The use of detail in your analysis paragraphs is more important than generalities. Find evidence to support your thesis statement and then present that evidence in your essay.
Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence stating what you will do in that paragraph. Be careful to organize the essay so the reader can easily follow your ideas; use transition words and phrases (In the next scene, The second point that proves that, Another example is . . . . ). You should not spend more than a few sentences or one paragraph summarizing the film plot if you choose to do so; the majority of the essay should be analysis.
Do quote from at least two of the “Readings” sources from the course. Module 1 has general overview readings, and the readings from the other modules may also be pertinent. You are encouraged to cite dialog from the film and describe scenes and characters in some detail. If your film is historically based, you might supply that information in the introduction or in one of the body paragraphs. You are not required to use other (outside) sources; if you do, you should be careful that they are reputable and that you have referenced them accordingly.
Other materials that will help you write this essay include your Film Worksheets, the Vocabulary for Film Analysis, the module Timelines, and the module pages with written information about the films. Using these resources will help you write a formal essay that contributes to film studies. You may quote from the module pages or timelines—and doing so may strengthen your argument—but these will not count as your two required quotes.
Ideas presented should be your own original ideas about the film, except where you will cite course readings to further your argument.
Be sure to run your essay through a spell and grammar check tool and revise it before uploading.
Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.
Be sure to spend time revising and proofreading your essay for spelling, grammar, style issues, and organization.
Your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin when you submit your assignment in this activity.
Review the Essay Rubric for detailed grading information.
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