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Introduction: Throughout English 10 and 11, we have discussed rhetoric (the stud

Throughout English 10 and 11, we have discussed rhetoric (the study of communication) especially as it pertains to effective communication and persuasion. In this final essay, you will apply these skills as you discuss how two different sources were written for their respective audiences.
Write an explanatory essay in which you discuss how and why two sources were written differently. Specifically, you’ll examine these sources from a rhetorical perspective as you explore their goals and strategies.
Option 1:
In a 1,000-word essay, explain how two news platforms (publications) present their ideas with a broad analysis of their home pages. For example, you could consider how Fox News and CNN appeal to their readers. What are the headlines about? What are the political implications?
Option 2:
In a 1,000-word essay, explain how two articles are written differently about the same topic. Specifically, how do they present their ideas? What kinds of rhetorical choices do they make? What vocabulary do they use? How long are their articles? What pictures have they chosen? What are the political implications for both articles?
Types of Content:
In your essay, you might discuss questions of style and tone, vocabulary, background knowledge, sensitivity to different topics, initial beliefs (mythos), structure and more. If it relates to how these news sources and articles are presented, then it will work this project.
This essay must include an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs with topic sentences, and a conclusion.
This assignment gives you the chance to practice organizing complex ideas, structure your paragraphs, and practice your mastery of academic English. This essay should demonstrate your understanding of essay structure and standardized language.
1,000-word essay, MLA Format, word count
Your essay will be assessed based on its prompt compliance, structure, style/tone, and mechanics.

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