Logistics Physical Distribution

International Trade

Identify the country of the raw material/s supply; manufacturing and marketplace.
Research for any free trade agreements among these countries
Discuss how the logistics service provider supports the manufacturer at the upstream of the supply chain; what should the HS Code be;
Discuss the benefits and type of logistics services the manufacturer can engage to supply to the marketplace and what HS code will be used.
Discuss how the government can help the manufacturer trade with ease in a foreign land.

Specific to your selected product

Discuss the criteria that affect the choice of transport mode and carriers at the up and downstream.
What are the drivers that decide the cost and how to improve the cost?
Discuss how to protect and preserve the quality of the product in the warehouse e.g. facilities design.
Discuss the packaging and the changes in packaging design to achieve efficiency and effectiveness along the supply chain
What are the transport and warehouse performance measurements? Why are they being measured?- Identify the technology used in warehouse, transport, manufacturing, and distribution to store data and transfer information along the supply chain.
Discuss the knowledge gained from this information and how is the knowledge being deployed to help business. Identify the software that enables data to be transformed into information.

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