L’orfeo – Chosen Opera for this project This research paper has two parts. Part

L’orfeo – Chosen Opera for this project
This research paper has two parts. Part 1 must constitute at least 2/3 of the paper. The entire paper must contain AT LEAST THREE FULL MLA-FORMATTED PAGES of your own writing, in addition to a works cited list, heading, title, and in-text citations. Do not submit this paper before reading my comments on Formal Paper 1.
The MINIMUM page count that I will accept for this paper are THREE FULL properly formatted PAGES (of YOUR writing). Do not include the wc list, heading, title, or citations in your page count; these are in addition. Make sure your spacing and margins are correct.
Part 1
In the Big Bang documentary on opera from Week 8, Howard Goodall discussed several roles (purposes or functions) that opera has served in society–in politics, in national identity, and as a “messenger of big ideas.” Research a specific opera mentioned in the documentary, and discuss the opera with respect to one of these roles. Use the video as a starting point, then do your own research to write the paper.
Your paper should primarily discuss context: the historical and cultural environment that was in place when that opera was composed or first performed. (Review our discussion of “context” and “contextual” criticism from Week 1.) In what time and place did the opera originate (you must answer this first question)? Then discuss some or all of the following: What cultural, social, political, or philosophical factors were at play at the time? What role or purpose did this opera play in society of that day? For example: Did the opera function as social commentary? As propaganda? As a vehicle for communality or self-knowledge? What might have inspired the composer to write the opera? What facts about the artist’s or culture may have contributed to its creation? What, if anything, was its subtext (its underlying message or implied meaning)? What was the public’s response to the opera?
Keep these questions in mind as you do your research, and see what you come up with. Important: Although opera is obviously a form of entertainment, DO NOT choose “entertainment” as the role, or purpose.
Also important: If you choose an opera not discussed in the Goodall videos, you MUST verify your choice with me before you begin your paper.
Part 2
Answer the following: What art forms (visual, performing, literary) today serve the same (or similar) role (purpose, function) as opera has in the past? Explain your answer in detail, providing examples.
This is a formal paper. You must do the following:
Write a formal, thesis-driven, MLA-styled and -formatted research paper.
Meet the MINIMUM page count. Feel free to exceed it.
Use the EFSC library’s electronic databases to research your opera. Follow my guidelines for academic/scholarly source selection.
Include in-text citations and a works cited list. Cite from at least five scholarly/academic sources. One of them may be the Goodall documentary. See my page on source selection.
DO NOT QUOTE from sources. Paraphrase from, and cite, your sources.
Include your own thoughts, not merely the ideas of other authors.
Use college-level writing. Proofread for errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, syntax, etc.
DO NOT plagiarize. Be sure to address your Turnitin report before the deadline.
Avoid oversimplification, generalizations, inaccuracies, misunderstandings, and logical fallacies.
Highlight your thesis statement in some way. Be sure your thesis statement answers the assignment question and provides structure for your paper.
Construct cohesive paragraphs, each with a strong topic sentence. Be sure that your structure follows from your thesis statement.
Do not ask questions or announce what you are about to do; just state your points.

The post L’orfeo – Chosen Opera for this project
This research paper has two parts. Part
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The post L’orfeo – Chosen Opera for this project
This research paper has two parts. Part
appeared first on Elite Writers.


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