Marketing Management

Evaluate how a book retailer of your choice uses the principles of marketing management, and critically appraise how it may have been affected as a result of market environmental challenges posed by Covid-19. Your work should include consideration of the following :

1) The marketing environment, and critical appraisal of how your chosen book retailer has been affected as a result of Covid-19.

2) Segmentation, targeting and positioning related to your chosen book retailer including an appropriate perceptual map including its competitors.

3) The marketing mix and the application of theory to your chosen book retailer. You aim to use at least one theory/ model for each element of the 7Ps marketing mix.

4) Recommendations as to how you think the book retailer should evolve based on our analysis in this assessment.

You should draw upon relevant academic as well as practitioner sources to support your points You are expected to undertake your own desk research to update your understanding of the current corporate context of the company. Your work should be in a creative, critical, and evaluative manner.

Ensure that your arguments are clear and logical and where appropriate include academic sources, i.e. academic journal papers, which add weight to your points raised.

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