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Module 14: Introduction As we have learned throughout this course, strategy plan

  • Module 14: Introduction

    As we have learned throughout this course, strategy planning is a process that can be applied to all types of organizations. In this module, we will focus on current trends, theories, models, and best practices as we study the future of strategic management. The business environment is in a state of constant change, and strategic management is an evolving subject that is still in its early stages of development. New strategies and approaches will be needed for evolving circumstances. Implementing these strategies will take on a new form.

  • Learning Outcomes
    1. Identify the responsibilities of business ethics and social programs in the context of globalization.
    2. Evaluate the key changes taking place in the business environment.
    3. Analyze the new directions in strategic management in the KSA.


    • Chapter 14 in Contemporary Strategy Analysis
    • Chapter PowerPoint slides in Contemporary Strategy Analysis
    • Pfarrer, M. D., Devers, C. E., Corley, K., Cornelissen, J. P., Lange, D., Makadok, R., Mayer, K., & Weber, L. (2019). Sociocognitive Perspectives in Strategic Management. Academy of Management Review, 44(4), 767–774. https://doi.org/10.5465/amr.2019.0185 (assignment) (seminal)


    • Alsadi, A. K., & Aloulou, W. J. (2021). Impacts of strategic orientations on Saudi firm performance: is supply chain integration a missing link? The International Journal of Logistics Management, 32(4), 1264–1289. https://doi.org/10.1108/ijlm-02-2020-0080‌
  • Module 14: Discussion

    Trends in Strategic Management

  • During this course you have learned that the business environment is in a state of constant change and new circumstances will require new strategies and new approaches to implementing those strategies. Apply what you have learned as you discuss the following questions.
    1. Discuss the global business environment that is likely to develop in the next ten years.
    2. Considering what you learned in the article, Sociocognitive Perspectives in Strategic Management in this week’s required reading, which of the three topics areas identified in the article do you think is most influential to strategic management in KSA and why?


    • Discuss the concepts, principles, and theories from your textbook. Cite your textbooks and cite any other sources if appropriate.
    • Your initial post should address all components of the question with a 500 word limit.
    • Reply to at least two discussion posts with comments that further and advance the discussion topic.

    Discussion Rubric Click for more options

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