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NSG 7220 Week 5 Project: Midterm Evaluation of Clinical Logs

Midterm Evaluation of Clinical Logs

You will submit clinical logs and narratives this week and in Week 10.

The purpose of these logs is to provide validation of clinical outcomes and supervision of professional development.
Your logs should include two parts:

Clinical logs showing accumulation of hours with your preceptor’s signature

Click here to download the preceptor practicum hours verification log. 

A written narrative covering the following items and uploaded to the Submissions Area for grading:

Bullet points providing an overview of clinical or scholarly activities during the reporting time period (Weeks 1–5 and Weeks 6–10)

Commentary and evidence (examples) of progress toward achieving specific course objectives

Reflections that include thoughts, feelings, and correlation to the South University Five Pillars of Nursing (professionalism, critical thinking, holism, communication, and caring) on the overall experience

Note: Your reflection should be a 1- to 2-page summary of each week’s activities, which should equate to 5–10 pages of overall reflection summary for this week and for Week 10.

Document all hours accumulated up to this point in your clinical logs. In order to stay current, update the logs after every clinical day. You may also document your participation in activities for achieving the course objectives. These activities can include, but not limited to, workshops (you may include brochures or participation certificates) and business or professional meetings (you may include agendas and minutes, as appropriate). Your preceptor should sign your clinical logs prior to submission. Ensure that your preceptor sends your clinical logs (using fax, scan, or e-mail) directly to your instructor.

Logs do not require a standard APA format but should reflect the ability to write in a scholarly, succinct, and professional manner.

Clinical logs and narratives will be graded at midterm evaluation this week. Ensure that your preceptor submits your evaluation directly to the course instructor after it is signed by the preceptor and you.

Your clinical logs and narratives will be placed in your portfolio at the end of the course.

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