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NU 665B Week 3 Assignment 1: APEA Pre-Predictor

Sample Answer for NU 665B Week 3 Assignment 1: APEA Pre-Predictor Included After Question

Value: 100 points

Due: Week 3 Day 7

Grading Category: Predictor Exam

Just as you did at the beginning and middle of NU664B, you have the opportunity to complete an additional Diagnostic Readiness Exam for the Family Nurse Practitioner national board exam. Please allow three hours to take this exam.

The exam will evaluate your readiness for the national certification exam related to the content covered within these classes. Completion of the exam will help you pinpoint areas of strength and areas needing further development for successful completion of the national certification exam. It is imperative that you put your full effort in taking this exam. By completing this pre-predictor, you will have the opportunity to review your previously developed remediation plan and see the growth you have made last semester after the 3P’s exam in week 13.

There are three steps to completing this assignment: Respondus, Exam results, and remediation plan.

To access the exam, please click on the “Week 3: APEA Exams Test” in Week 3. This will allow you to access the Respondus browser. You should have received an email from APEA with your username and password for the exam. This will be the information you need to enter after clicking on the quiz link. You must use Respondus to take this exam. You will need an exam password, which will be supplied by your instructor. This must be entered when the students are prompted to ensure that all students go through your proctoring process. Please write this on your whiteboard before the exam.

After completing the exam, please download the report in PDF form and upload it to this assignment drop box: “Week 3 Assignment 1: APEA Pre-Predictor”

You will also need to submit an updated remediation plan to the “Week 3 Assignment 1: APEA Pre-Predictor” drop box found in Week 3 of Moodle.


APEA Pre-Predictor Exam

You will receive instructions regarding how to take your exam from your program director or course faculty member through the Course Announcements. This exam must be completed in one sitting.

Please submit your score report to the drop box with the remediation plan. This is a pass/fail assignment.

To Submit Your Assignment:

Select the Add Submissions button.

Drag or upload your file to the File Picker.

Select Save Changes.

A Sample Answer For the NU 665B Week 3 Assignment 1: APEA Pre-Predictor Assignment:

Title: NU 665B Week 3 Assignment 1: APEA Pre-Predictor

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