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NUR 630 Topic 1 DQ 1

Sample Answer for NUR 630 Topic 1 DQ 1 Included After Question

 You are assigned to a quality team on a rehabilitation floor where patient falls are on the rise. What strategy would be best to approach this issue—quality improvement, evidence-based practice, or research? Support your choice with one or two examples and one or two references.  

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NUR 630 Topic 1 DQ 1

Title: NUR 630 Topic 1 DQ 1

In the rehabilitation floor, there are always increasing cases of falls resulting from various patient’s conditions and mental instability. Fall may results into severe injuries which may complicate the medical conditions (Atanelov, 2016). Different hospitals have various techniques of dealing with the cases of patient’s fall, there is always the approaches of quality management, evidenced-based practices, as well as research. When I am assigned to the rehabilitation floor where there are many cases of patient’s fall, I would employ quality improvement practice to approach the issue. The quality improvement will involves adjusting the conditions of the hospitals to reduce the instances of fall. For instance, I would limit the movement of the patients and ensure that the rooms are safer and well maintained. For the elderly patients, I would introduce wheelchairs so as to avoid struggling while moving from one point to the other (Michotte, 2017). In most cases, elderly patients in the rehabilitation centers records more injuries due to falls. 

Increasing patient’s fall are often caused by nurse shortages, inefficient work environment for the caregivers, as well as lack of effective hospital leadership to establish safe care culture (Beemster et al., 2019). When assigned to the rehabilitation center where there is an increasing incidences of all I would ensure that there are enough number of nurses to take care of the patients (Disch, 2017). I will also ensure efficient work environment through introducing essential facilities that may reduce the cases of fall and those that prevent severe injuries. In most cases, quality improvement impact the operation in the entire medical setting. It ensures an effective environment where there are little cases of injuries (Peach et al., 2017).   


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