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NUR 630 Topic 2 DQ 2 • Online Nursing Essays

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Topic 2 DQ 2 

Two nurses make a medication error: One causes an adverse event with a patient and the other does not. Should the nurses be disciplined, and, if so, should they be disciplined the same way? Why or why not? How would this be addressed in a just culture? 

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NUR 630 Topic 2 DQ 2

Title: NUR 630 Topic 2 DQ 2

Topic 2 DQ 2 

Like many other professionals, nurses are vulnerable to human and system-based errors. The impacts of errors and the chances of recurrence depend on the approaches used to address them. Medication errors are typical in health care settings. It is crucial to address them effectively to foster nurse satisfaction and promote a healthy and safe workplace. 

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When two nurses make a medication error, the response should not differ based on the outcome. To promote safe practice and enable the nurses to adjust behaviors appropriately, they should not be disciplined whether the medication error causes an adverse event or not. They can only be punished if there is adequate proof that willful misconduct led to the error (Afaya et al., 2021). In such a case, the disciplinary action can vary depending on the effects of the error. Such actions include action as the state board stipulates, criminal changes, or dismissal.  

When the cause of medication error is beyond human control, health care managers should adhere to the recommendations of a just culture. In health practice, a just culture is characterized by a shared responsibility of a mistake to ensure a fair and just response to employees’ behaviors (Paradiso & Sweeny, 2019). In this case, the organization evaluates the entire system and its potential to influence undesired behavior. The process designs are improved where necessary to prevent the recurrence of the error (Barkell & Snyder, 2021). Applying just culture in the scenario would involve an in-depth analysis of systems’ inefficiencies and how they led to the error. Next, gaps would be fixed while encouraging the nurses to report them whenever they are identified.  

All patients deserve quality and safe care. Nurses should also work in environments where they are safe and comfortable. Preventing medication errors is crucial to achieving these goals. Also, a just culture should be fostered to ensure that nurses are not solely responsible for medication errors when they occur. Issues leading to the errors should be assessed in-depth and addressed effectively. 


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