Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior
December 2022 Examination

Q1. Amar works for an IT company as a project coordinator. His boss, Ajay is very adamant and wants the work to be done according to his way without even considering anyone’s perspective. If Amar commits any minor mistake also he is reprimanded in front of the entire team. Ajay wants Amar to stay late beyond office hours, even when his work is complete. Consider the given situation and explain the pitfalls in leadership shown by
Ajay. (10 Marks)

Ans 1.
Whether a leader can utilize strategy to make it through or around difficulties depends on how they anticipate or deal with challenges. Some common errors that leaders make when developing systems of care in companies. Individual, business, and ecological challenges are the three main kinds of mistakes that a leader might frequently encounter. Leaders may manage individual problems when engaging with others, show their leadership style, and deal with issues in producing change. When a

Q2. Sameer works as a team leader in a multinational company. Whenever his team member performs well, goes out of his way to serve the client he awards them. The award can be a gift voucher or an appreciation mail. Sameer also encourages good behaviour by removing or handling well the situation which may lead to undesirable behaviour. Because of this practice it was the best performing team in the office. Analyse the situation and explain the elements of reinforcement used by Sameer. (10 Marks)

Ans 2.
Sameer is a team leader for a big corporation. Furthermore, Sameer promotes positive behavior by avoiding or handling circumstances that might cause destructive behavior. Its efficiency was the best in the office due to this method. In the discovery process, reinforcement is crucial. The law of effect specifies

Q3. Case:
Renita Parker was a trainer for a Tasty Tummy multinational company, in FMCG business. She worked brilliantly with the executives on their writing and helped them to feel more confident about it. Renita worked with top executives as well as the shop floor level. She realized that teaching the shop floor employees was her call and she wanted to work more with them. Renita was paid quite high as majorly she was dealing with the top executives.
Renita met Mark, her supervisor and explained to him that she wanted to be associated in teaching and training the shop floor employees because many of them could not write anything other their names. She also agreed to work on reduced salary and started offering English classes as an added benefit to them. Although the classes took some man hours of the employees but their productivity increased and even some of them began to apply for supervisory positions
a. What content theories would explain why Renita was unhappy despite her high income?
(5 Marks)
Ans 3a.
In content concepts of motivation, a collection of demands that direct people’s behavior is usually presented. Content theories of motivation seek to identify the factors or needs people have, in contrast, to refine theories of

b. Renita seems to have drifted into being a teacher. Given her needs and motivations, do you think teaching is an appropriate profession for her? (5 Marks)

Ans 3b.
Being a teacher is a noble task that comes with a hefty burden of obligation for the children. Teachers send understanding and prepare students for the future by urging and motivating them to make significant life decisions. Furthermore, they remain to enhance pupils’ self-confidence and direct them in the proper