Organizational Strategies Interview a nursing leader in a healthcare organizatio

Organizational Strategies
Interview a nursing leader in a healthcare organization of your choice concerning the organization’s mission & vision statements & strategic plan. Include the following questions in your interview in addition to any others you feel are pertinent:
Describe your role in the development of the organizational strategic plan & your role within the overall organizational structure.
How do you see the vision & mission statements of the organization within the strategic plan?
Describe your involvement in any quality improvement projects which require feedback from key stakeholders, both internal & external, to meet the vision, mission, objectives, strategies, & action plans of the organization.
What environmental forces do you notice affecting your organization’s strategic planning & management efforts? Any challenges noted here?
Describe any current trends & technology that affect your organization’s healthcare marketplace. What challenges do these trends &/or technology pose for the organization?
Plan a presentation or write a paper that describes your interview including the following components:
A brief description of the healthcare organization’s mission, vision, & current strategies.
Analysis of the organizational chart of the institution, including placement of the nurse executive within the organization & influence of the nurse executive based upon this placement.
Examination of how the strategic plan was developed based upon the mission, vision, values, & any identified current trends.
Roles & responsibilities of nursing leadership related to strategic planning, implementation, & management.
Creation of a concept map that describes nursing, economic, environmental, & healthcare trends & technology affecting the healthcare organization. Follow the grading rubric below as you develop the concept map.
Summarize & analyze the key themes identified from the concept map.
· Chapters 1-4 in Moseley (2018)
Mosely, G. B. (2018). Managing health care business strategy, (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.
ISBN-13: 978-1284081107
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Additional Instructions:
All submissions should have a title page and reference page.
Utilize a minimum of four scholarly resources.
Adhere to grammar, spelling and punctuation criteria.
Adhere to APA compliance guidelines.
Adhere to the chosen Submission Option for Delivery of Activity guidelines.

The post Organizational Strategies
Interview a nursing leader in a healthcare organizatio
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The post Organizational Strategies
Interview a nursing leader in a healthcare organizatio
appeared first on Elite Writers.