Part 1 Topic: Immigration Thesis: Immigrants, particularly undocumented immigran

Part 1
Topic: Immigration
Thesis: Immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants, should not be deported but should be monitored and redirected to the correct legal processes of becoming a citizen.
Spend a little time researching.
Write a topic sentence that introduces the topic + argument/assertion.
Add 2-3 sentences of supporting details/evidence from your research. Use an evidence/quote sandwich or explainer sentence if needed.
Do not use a direct quote but give credit for any ideas that come from another source.
Write a concluding sentence.
Part 2
Critique the body paragraph of the Peer below:
Dante’s Inferno is the most fascinating piece of poetry ever written, as it finds influence from a variety of sources, paints a vivid picture of hell, and places you in the mind of the writer as he navigates the dark underworld.
Body Paragraph:
As Dante and Virgil approach the gates, they are greeted with an ominous warning for those that enter to abandon hope, for what lies beyond is truly unimaginable (Musa 14). Those words are but a precursor to the horrors that lie beyond as Dante describes his version of hell containing nine circles; increasing in punishment the deeper one descends. The first circle is Limbo and houses virtuous pagans such as Plato and Aristotle who lived in a time before God was known; their punishment is to forever long for what they cannot have. Circles two through five are home to the sinners that have committed such acts as lust, gluttony, greed, and anger. One notable figure who resides in the circle of lust is Cleopatra, this gives insight into his personal feelings towards her part in Rome’s decline. She is forever tormented by strong winds that prevent her from resting. The previous circles are described as upper hell and deal mainly with the sinners that have committed acts against themselves. Lower hell is walled off by the city of Dis and guarded by fallen angels; those that lie beyond its walls have committed the worst of offences. Circles six through nine are home to those that have committed heresy, violence, fraud, and treachery. The seventh circle begins with a river of boiling blood that is guarded by centaurs wielding bows; they shoot the souls as they attempt to escape the boiling river. These examples are but a few of the many punishments Dante describes as he navigates the dark underworld. In each of the nine circles he places notable figures and describes in detail the horrors that they shall suffer for eternity; this gives us insight into his thoughts and tells a story of his personal feelings based off where he places people in his depiction of hell.
Dante, Alighieri, and Mark Musa. The Portable Dante. New York, N.Y: Penguin Books, 2003. Print.
Translated by ContentEngine, L. L. C. “These are the Nine Hell Circles of Dante’s ‘the Divine Comedy’.” CE Noticias Financieras, May 30, 2019. ProQuest,
“Dante’s Inferno & The 9 Levels of Hell Explained.” Wendigoon,

The post Part 1
Topic: Immigration
Thesis: Immigrants, particularly undocumented immigran
first appeared on Elite Writers.

The post Part 1
Topic: Immigration
Thesis: Immigrants, particularly undocumented immigran
appeared first on Elite Writers.


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