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details.Performance objective In this assessment, you are required to complete analyses of the organisational environment to develop an understanding of potential competitors and allies, and the associated risks and benefits.Assessment description Complete a value chain analysis, PEST and SWOT for your organisation, plus analyses of the potential competitors and allies supplied in the case study.ProcedureFor the provided case study, you are required to complete for your organisation: 1. PEST analysis (including a review of legislation impacting on MacVille). 2. SWOT analysis (including an evaluation of the value-chain).You are also required to review competitors/allies to MacVille, as described in the case study, and:• Identify and describe existing and potential competitors/allies, then summarise the strengths and weaknesses of each.• Develop a separate summary statement for each potential ally for a co-operative venture that describes their alignment with MacVille’s vision, mission, values and attributes, as identified on the tender document.© 2010 Innovation and Business Industry Skills Council LtdPage 1 of 9

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