Purpose: Analyze and apply critical thinking skills in the psychopatho

Purpose: Analyze and apply critical thinking skills in the psychopathology of mental
health patients and provide treatment and health promotion while applying
evidence-based research.
Scenario: Kel is a 42-year-old certified public accountant (CPA) who dreams each year
that she will board a cruise ship the day after Tax Day and go somewhere,
anywhere, except Portsmouth, Virginia. Each year the dream, like the ocean,
ebbs and flows, but this year she is not even going to think about such a
“ridiculous idea.” In fact, she does not even have the energy to dream; getting
out of bed and preparing to go to work is simply too labor intensive. Each evening Kel retires to bed with a lack of energy to complete her normal
tasks such as readying her clothes for work and making a lunch. She lacks the
energy to shop in the evening; consequently, she eats mostly crackers and
canned soup. She is not hungry, and her scale reflects this. She has lost 15
pounds over the last 2 months. She does not attend to her makeup or clothes;
she finds both too taxing. The clothes she selects are drab and not ironed. At
work she makes no effort to talk with her co-workers and does not initiate new
contacts with clients. The normal work of filing taxes and writing reports,
which she used to enjoy, are overwhelming, and she feels too disorganized to
complete them. Telephone calls and e-mail messages from friends are ignored.
Attendance at work is spotty.
Sue, her sister, becomes alarmed with Kel’s unanswered telephone calls and
e-mails. Worried, she decides to visit her sister at home. She finds the
apartment unclean and in disarray. Kel is unkempt, disheveled, and looks sad.
Her voice is monotone and flat. Kel tells Sue that she feels “sad and hopeless.
Nothing is ever going to change. I am a bad person and I can’t even do my work
right. Although I sleep for many hours, I am still tired all the time.” Sue is
alarmed at the changes in her sister and arranges for Kel to visit a health
care worker at the medical clinic.
Questions: Remember to answer these questions from your textbooks and NP guidelines. At
all times, explain your answers. Describe the presenting problems.
Generate a primary and
differential diagnosis using the DSM5 and ICD 10 codes.
Formulate and prioritize a
treatment plan. Identify and discuss appropriate
screening instruments for a patient who has suicidal ideation.
Submission Instructions:
Your initial post should be at least 500
words, formatted and cited in current APA 7 style with support from at
least 5 academic sources.
plagiarism. Plagiarism report required.
book attached.
Book Attached

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