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QAB020X613A Entrepreneurship Development Management


Include the relevant information about your business idea and critically evaluate. please use proper paragraph and not one-line sentence. Template for VPC and BMC must be in the main content not in the appendix.

Business objectives

Value Creation:  Include the diagram from part B for Customer Value Proposition Canvas (Diagram) Minimum Viable Product and then explanation, extensions and details as per the taught syllabus.

Include the ‘Lean’ Business Model Canvas (Diagram) and then the Individual student explanation, extensions and details as decided by the individual student) of the Business model (means-ends transformation process)
Detailed Development plan must include the following including the amount/numbers/figures for each plan.

Marketing plan – value proposition, advertising, customer engagement, sales, etc.

Operational plan– doing the business, making product, delivering service, shipping, orders, suppliers, partners, etc.

Technology/Informationplan– Core technical solution (if there is one) also key IT systems and data processing, etc.   

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) – deciding the organisational structure, the balance between employed and contract staff, specifying, hiring and developing people to be employed in the business, etc.

Finance Plan (CFO) – costing, pricing, cash management, need for finance, raising finance, etc.

Critical evaluation of the plan and any possible future developments, competitor moves, changes in customer needs that need to be accounted for (e.g. Pivots see Ries Chapter 8).

Why is a profitable, competition beating, value creating ‘lean’, investable entrepreneurial opportunity? Why should someone invest in and/or provide loan finance to this Lean Start-Up?  Complete this sentence: If your start-up never existed, the world would be worse off because.

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