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Reflection Portfolio


Your major individual project for the class is a refleciton portfolio, which is split into two sections. The first part is due on February 7 so that I can provide feedback on your progress. The final portfolio will be due at the end of the semester.

Your reflections portfolio is in the form of a PowerPoint slide deck, which you can find in the Week 1 folder under Class 2. Each slide corresponds to a class meeting and offers a prompt for reflecting on that days topic or activity. Most reflections are meant to be brief: 10-15 minutes of work for each class. The goal of these reflections is to think more deeply about the day?? learning in a journaling format. I highly recommend completing these after each class meeting, as opposed to cramming and completing them all right before the assignment is due.

Your Steps

1. Download the Reflection Portfolio slide deck template. Found in the Week 1 folder under Class 2

2. Read the directions in the slide deck.?Please note that the slides are purposefully left blank so that you can design/decorate them if you wish to (not required).

3. Complete the reflection slides after each class. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping up with the reflection slides. Doing them last minute will likely result in shallower reflections ??which will be obvious and result in a lower score.

4. Submit your completed Reflection Portfolio, Part I. Your completed reflection portfolio is due February 7th.

Academic Integrity

Your reflection portfolio should be completely your own work. The portfolios will be submitted through Safe Assign ??please make sure that your slides are free of plagiarism. You have unlimited submission attempts, so if you do find plagiarism in your work, please fix the issue and resubmit your work. Submissions with plagiarized texts will at the very least receive a 0 for each plagiarized slide and for egregious cases, will receive a 0 with no chance for makeup and will be reported to the academic misconduct review board.

If you use other sources, please be sure that they are provided. For example, on slides that you have to find a news story, you must include the link which will serve as your reference. If there are slides where you use additional sources, include those links as well. Even when links are provided, you still must rewrite text in your own words (changing a couple words with synonyms or rearranging segments of sentences or paragraphs is still plagiarism). Any direct text that you use must be put in quotation marks and the source noted in paretheses.

The majority of these slides are your own thoughts, so plagiarism should not be much of a problem ??but it?? still important to double check yourself and make changes where necessary.

Because the purpose of these reflections is for you to engage in deeper thinking about class topics, this is not an appropriate assignment to use ChatGPT on. It is usually quite obvious when somebody has used AI on this assignment ??please do not do it. Obvious cases of AI use will receive a 0 for each slide where it is used, and may receive a 0 for the entire assignment for egregious cases. If I suspect you have used AI, but it is not as obvious, I may set up a meeting with you to further discuss your assignment.

Reflection Portfolio

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