rejection letters

Q1. Poorly written rejection letters can be detrimental to your organization’s image. What will you bear in mind while drafting a rejection letter to a job applicant? (10 Marks)
Ans 1.
HR needs to ensure that the applicant takes the news favorably and pursues a better chance. To move on to the following action, we should educate the candidate through a being rejected letter. Constructing a being rejected letter is much more complicated than making a deal letter. Individuals do have a reason to hate HR. Yet HR’s task is to choose the best prospect for the work and educate them concerning

Q2. You are entrusted with the responsibility to train a fresh batch of Graduate Trainees that have joined your organization on ethical behaviour. Highlight the differences between ethical dilemma and ethical lapse citing 2 examples of each. In the absence of a clear set of guidelines, what should the trainees bear in mind to ensure they make ethical communication choices. (10 Marks)

Ans 2.
Ethical behavior is essential for excellent functioning in business and society. Ethical behavior can likewise appear in the working environment. Employees should maintain a moral standard for a good workplace with a positive attitude. This will work as evidenced by specific values and principles grown within the relationships, such as honesty, honesty, fairness, and openness. These ethical

Q3. Nishka is creating the content for the FAQ section of her organization’s website. Based on the client feedback, there is one important issue that needs to be addressed. She needs to develop a powerful paragraph providing a solution to this recurring issue. As a communication expert, you have to guide Nishka to write the answers to such issues effectively.
a. Briefly explain to Nishka, the five ways in which paragraphs can be developed. (5 Marks)
Ans 3a.
Paragraphs are the foundation of any composed context, irrespective of print or digital. In today’s time, where the digital world is growing, seeking information is just a click away. So, Paragraph development for a website is crucial to avoid leaving viewers with any vital unanswered inquiries.

b. Develop a well-structured paragraph of 4-5 sentences to resolve the customer issue employing the problem and solution technique. (5 Marks)
Ans 3b.
Resolving customers’ complaints is one of the most crucial facets for many businesses as they handle customers and attempt to address their troubles. Intend you want to aid customers with their troubles and wish to enhance their complete satisfaction. In that instance, finding out about the benefits of sustaining

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