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research paper 229

Research paper


Historical paper: Choose any person, place, event, or institution in a Christian history and research it. This is for a Theology class. 3-5 pages, Doubled-space, fonts 12-14, It doesn’t matter the style, MLA or any other ones. Don’t forget the references, PLEASE.



Movies and essays: This is for a humanities class. Find examples or reply to something that happened, pretty much your best response, a good argument. Papers have to be written in MLA style, 2 pages, fonts 14,


1st movie: “The great gatsby” with Leonardo Dicaprio

Focus on: Modernism, Virtuous modernism, Vicious modernism, confusion, class wars, Mechanization of the mind.


2nd Movie: Now, voyager

Focus on: conceptual thinking, Sense of mystery, personal love, signs, symbols, metaphor, motif, symmetry, clarity, harmony and vivid color.


3rd movie: 12 O’clock High

Focus on: The worst of vicious modernism, totalitarian dictatorship, total war, dictatorship and war


4th Movie: All about Eve

Focus on: Alienation, The nature of withdrawal, The cold war, Capitalism vs. communism, Art vs. economy, existentialism and the antihero,


5th movie: Bagdad Café

Focus on: Liberation and communism, The cold war, other liberation movements, Methaphors and mysteries, magic of humans kindness.


6th movie: Lady in the water

Focus on: The development of postmodernism, The merging of art and advertising, science and postmodernism, Magic realism.



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