Step 1: The Scenario Congratulations! You have been invited to submit a 2-minute

Step 1: The Scenario
Congratulations! You have
been invited to submit a 2-minute video clip to the local news as a
representative of the grassroots organization named “WatchExotics” (or “StopInvasives” or “WatchTheAliens” or something else you feel would represent your organization well).
dedication to fighting a very destructive invasive species is starting
to pay off! This appearance could secure grant funding for community
initiative work.
You will have 2 minutes to showcase the problem with the local biological invader. This is part of the grant selection process.
public will have the chance to vote and express their support for one
of the projects (the “public” will be your classmates).
Step 2: Exploring Invasive Species Resources
The USDA has a well-developed website that includes a search of invasive species (Links to an external site.) by geography or subject to help you find a species for your presentation. Another reliable resource is Invasive (Links to an external site.).
Make sure to watch the 6 required National Geographic videos to give
you ideas of the range of problems that invasive species bring with them
as well as the mechanisms through which they have become successfully
Make sure your speech is convincing. This is an
opportunity to improve your communication skills for your current job or
next career move. Check out this resource from Excelsior OWL on Modes of Persuasion (Links to an external site.).
Step 3: Initial Post
Initial posts should use the Rich Content Editor in Canvas (Links to an external site.)
to record either video or audio by Thursday at 11:59 pm ET. In your
short video clip make sure to include a species profile that consists
name (common and scientific names);
origin (where it is from);
when, and how the species has arrived in the U.S. and your area;
the most likely mechanism(s) explaining why the species has been so successful at becoming invasive;
impacts of this species on the local biodiversity as well as on the local economy;
some methods of prevention and eradication that your organization is
proposing and that would involve the local community.
creative and passionate about making this clip! Think of all the skills
you may gain here for your next job interview or perhaps for starting
your own non-profit to help your local community!
You may find Excelsior OWL resources on Video Essays (Links to an external site.) useful for providing a framework for creating a plan and script for a video. Don’t forget to include transcripts of your conversation and APA formatted references.
Step 4: Replies to Peers
is a friendly competition in our classroom. Your replies will be a vote
for the best video submission (you cannot vote for yourself). Provide
at least 2 reasons why you selected that particular project to be
funded. Replies are due by Sunday at 11:59 pm ET.
Criteria for voting
aspects related to the importance of controlling a particularly
troublesome invader, as well as the effectiveness of your classmates in
making a strong case for their project.
Provide constructive
criticism (reasons such as “nice presentation”, “well-done job”, etc.
are not enough; you need to substantiate your claims), but be respectful
when writing your review. Remember that you are here to help each
other—you and your classmates are a team in this endeavor.
To respond to a peer, click “Reply” beneath their post and continue as with an initial post. Refer to the Discussion Posting Guide as well as the Group Activities and Discussion Page for guidelines and etiquette for participating in discussions.

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Congratulations! You have
been invited to submit a 2-minute appeared first on Course Hero.