Students have already read The Murder of Emmett Till. Please use that book to co

Students have already read The Murder of Emmett Till. Please use that book to compare how the
story of the murder of Emmett Till relates to the story of US history. Use specific examples from
the course and from book. Relate the examples from the course to Till story. Examine how they
are similar and/or different to one-another. Be clear and specific.
Formatting Rules:
Due: Friday, May 6th at 11:59pm
Submission: Online, electronic copies only (see below for details)
Font: Times New Roman / size 12
Paragraphs: All paragraphs should be double spaced without extra spacing between paragraphs
Margins: 1inch all around
Length: 3-5 pages
Value: 16 points
How are you graded:
1. Clarity of your thesis (this should be located in your first paragraph).
2. How well your argument supports your thesis throughout the paper.
3. Clarity of your writing; this includes spelling, grammar, and paragraph structure.
4. Formatting and how well you can follow the rules about formatting.
5. How clearly you explain your logic (without leaving things out).
6. How well edited is your paper.
7. Did you use any citations?
8. How much you incorporate your feedback from your previous assignments.
Class Resources:
To make your life easier, here is a list of all class documents and resources which we’ve used.
All of these documents were discussed on Perusall, except where noted:
• Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb”
• Micaela Wells’ “Women Didn’t Exist,”
• William Apes, “Pilgrims from the Indian Perspective,”
• Tee Yee Neen Ho Ga Row, “Portrait of a Leader,”
• Salem Witch Trails,
• Declaration of Independence,
• Cokie Roberts, Founding Mothers,
• Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia,
• Harriet Tubman,
• Frederick Douglass, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July”

• John Strausbaugh, “White Riot: Why the New York City Draft Riots of 1864 Matter
• Drawings of NYC Draft Riots,
• Jourdon Anderson to his former enslaver,
• Radical Reconstruction,
• Sojourner Truth, “Keeping the Thing Going While Things are Stirring,”
• Petition for Separate Chinese Schools,
• “Lost Lives, Lost Culture,”
• Mexican Migration 1920s,
• Marcus Garvey,
• Mexican Migration 1930s,
• Ellis Island photos,
• Ellis Island Oral History,
• “Brother Can You Spare a Dime,”
• Japanese Internment,
• Cold War,
• Duck and Cover,
• Rosa Parks article,
• Rosa Parks interview,

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