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The person I’m helping is a friend struggling with managing stress and anxiety.

The person I’m helping is a friend struggling with managing stress and anxiety.
2- The problem they are facing is difficulty in coping with daily stressors and overwhelming feelings of anxiety.
3- The psychological topic I’m using  to help him is cognitive behavioral therapy  which focuses on identifying and challenging negative thought patterns and implementing coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety more effectively. This is the response for the step 1 I need help in the step 2,3-4 thank you 
First, you will need to identify a person you would like to help and a specific problem  he or she would like to improve. For example, you may have a friend who wishes to improve his or her grades in Algebra, or a family member who would like to lose weight, or an acquaintance who is experiencing conflict with a co-worker.
In step 2, you will identify and describe in detail a course theory, principle, or study finding that is applicable to this person’s problem. The concept you choose can be general or specific, and your description of it should be technical and derived from academic sources. Your description will take the form of a 5-page, Times New Roman, double-spaced paper that you will submit to me toward the 1/3 point of the semester .
Next, you will develop a specific plan for how you intend to help the person using your knowledge of the concept. You will need to identify the specific goal you have for the person (e.g., a change in behavior, a newfound perspective on an issue, measured success in some area of life), describe precisely how you plan to effect the desired change, and clarify how you will know that you have been successful. 
Your final task is to step back and reflect on the quality of your work and the outcome of your efforts to provide assistance. Write a 3-page, Times New Roman, double-spaced reflection paper that addresses whether your plan worked. What aspects of it worked and did not work? Also answer the question: How would you improve your plan or the execution of your plan in order for you to be more successful in the future? Submit that to me via CANVAS.

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