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This paper involves watching the movie “Within Our Gates (1920) – Oscar Micheaux

This paper involves watching the movie “Within Our Gates (1920) – Oscar
Micheaux Silent Film”
The link to watch the movie is here: 

The movie is 1 hour 17 minutes long. Please get a good understanding of the film prior to writing the essay.
Film Response Paper’s Instructions: 
1. Have a clear thesis (Please underline it) that is on par with the course content (choose one film screened in class or online and critically discuss how Race, Class, Gender, and or Emotions are shown in the film. Please note: You do not have to discuss all of them, but you must use Race.) (10 points) 
2. Use at least three examples from the film to support your thesis. (20 points each = 60 points) 
3. Remember to Cite (APA or MLA). (You must cite the film. If references are used, they must be cited, and a Work Cited or Bibliography  page should be included.) (3 points. Some papers may automatically fail without including or not correctly citing a work cited page.) APA or MLA
4. Include your personal reflection on the film. (10 points) 
5. Between 4-6 pages. Please note: The Title page and the Work Cited or Bibliography Page are not included in your page count of 4-6 pages. (8 points, but negative various points if less than the required length.) 
6. Assignments should be typed in 12-point font, double-spaced, and 1-1.25 inch margins. (3 points, but various points are subtracted if the font is more prominent than required or if there is a structure issue).
7. Title Page: Your name, the date due, the title, and the course title should be centered on a separate page. (3 points) 
8. Page numbers should be included. (3 points) 

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