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Topic explored at surface level providing little insight and/or information beyond basic facts. ‘Rehash’ of other people’s ideas and little original thought. Some insight provided in regard to content discussed. Attempt at inter

Many different external factors can have an impact on healthcare delivery. This has meant that leaders across healthcare organisations have had to develop adaptive solutions and think outside the box. All responses demonstrate different uses of leadership styles and perspectives.
For this assessment, you need to select 2 key issues to focus on from a leadership perspective following the development of a PEST analysis in your executive team. Ensure that you thoroughly investigate what a PEST analysis is and include a slide with at least one issue identified from each of the PEST areas including in: Political, Economic, Sociocultural and Technological.
Examples of issues are noted below, but not limited to:
• Political-i.e. changes to employment legislation, taxation models, instability.
• Economic-i.e., Workforce issues and concerns. reduced budgets
• Technological-i.e. Changes in the healthcare environment-i.e. technological developments, AI data management.
• Demographic issues- i.e., an ageing and chronically unwell population.
You need to provide background to the 2 issues identified for further discussion, as well as identify the type of leadership style that would assist in dealing with the issues concerned and provide guidance in a time of crisis.
You can refer to examples of real leaders from any background when discussing leadership styles however ensure that it makes sense in the context of your discussion.
You can also use any type of health service (in any country) as an example.
1. You need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with notes (include citations),
2. the notes also need to be submitted as a separate document.
Your PowerPoint presentation needs to comply with the following:
• A maximum of 8 slides (not including references and title page).
• Notes are to be added in the notes section for each slide.
• The total word limit of the notes in the PowerPoint presentation is 1500 words +/- 10%.
• This discussion must be written using correct grammar and sentence structure in the same way as required in a typical written assignment.
• Ensure that a Reference list is included on the last slide.
• Submit the Powerpoint in the first submission portal under Assessment 2.
Notes Document
• Paste the notes from the Powerpoint notes sections into a separate Word document.
• Include a cover page, plagiarism declaration and reference list.
• Submit the Notes document in the second submission portal under Assessment 2.
• You should demonstrate a good grasp of the relevant literature and contemporary issues.
• You may also draw on media text, government reports, video footage and other artefacts or grey literature to support your presentation.
• References should be current, older references can be used but please limit these.
• A minimum of 10 references are required.
• Please use APA 7th Edition for references and citations in both the Powerpoint and Notes section.
Marking Rubric
Category Unacceptable Marginal Acceptable Good Exceptional
Organisation and style
[4 marks] Sequence of information is difficult to follow, No apparent structure or continuity.
Purpose of work not clearly stated.
PEST analysis inadequate or not demonstrated. Work is hard to follow with very little continuity. Purpose of work is stated, but does not assist in following work.
PEST analysis minimal and issues not correctly identified or explained.
Information is presented in a reasonably logical manner with some continuity. Purpose of work is stated and assists somewhat in following work.
PEST analysis provides a reasonable overview of concerning issues, and is clear. Issues are discussed well. Information is presented in a logical manner, which is easily followed.
Purpose of work is clearly stated and assists in following the structure of the work.
A clear analysis for PEST is provided, with a good breakdown of the 2 issues identified. Discussed well. Information is presented in a logical, interesting way, which is easy to follow.
Purpose is clearly stated and explains the structure of the
The PEST analysis has been well documented and researched. The issues are clearly defined and identified.
Content and knowledge (including references)
[8 marks] No grasp of information. Clearly no knowledge of the subject matter.
Insufficient use of references. Uncomfortable with content. Only basic concepts demonstrated.
Inadequate list of references or citations in text. Reasonable knowledge of the subject but lacking in explanation and elaboration. Minor inadequacies in reference list or citations in text. At ease with content and able to elaborate and explain to some degree.
Reference section adequate including use of in text citations. Demonstration of full knowledge of the subject with explanations and elaboration.
Reference section complete and comprehensive.
In text citations complete and accurate.
Originality and critical thinking
[8 marks] Topic explored at surface level providing little insight and/or information beyond basic facts. ‘Rehash’ of other people’s ideas and little original thought. Some insight provided in regard to content discussed.
Attempt at interpretation on a few slides. Reasonable interpretation and analysis of facts.
Some originality and inventiveness shown. Topic explored in some depth. Some ability to analyse and interpret information demonstrated.
Some originality shown and material presented in an interesting way. Topic explored in depth yielding a rich awareness of topic.
Demonstration of considerable creative/ original (but realistic) thought in synthesis of knowledge.

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