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We have covered many forms of popular culture ranging from broadsides in the rev

We have covered many forms of popular culture ranging from broadsides in the revolutionary era to today’s internet. The main objective of this course was to explore how popular culture has affected social values and created an American self-identity. For your final projects YOU will be choosing the topic. You MUST answer the following: How has your topic influenced American popular culture in the past and carried down to today?
You may choose any topic we covered in class or may explore something we did not discuss. When choosing your topic you can expand on a class reflection you handed in, project, or choose a brand new topic. Choose a topic you like! 12 pt. font,
New Times Roman
Essay:35 pts. Must be 6-7 pages. The paper MUST answer the question stated above. In addition, the final essay should be proofread and contain proper grammar, including proper citation using MLA or Chicago Style. A proper bibliography containing at least 3 internet sources and 3 texts is required.
Any paper with major grammatical issues, lack of proper citation, or a bibliography, will severely impact your grade.
12 pt. font, New Times Roman MLA Style (Jefferson)
The essay must be based on fashion and clothing in the 1800s, 1900s (how men dressed and how did the war affect the clothing and fashion in the 1900s) and early 2000s, also please include how Michael Jordan changed fashion and clothing
PLEASE NO CHAT GPT OR plagiarism, this professor is very strict on that 

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